my cat keeps throwing up her food

Why Cat Keeps Throwing Up?

Cats do vomit on different occasions due to different reasons. Most of the times, the reason is just routine indigestion but some of the times, vomiting can occur due to serious internal issue. In routine cat keeps throwing up because of: Overeating Indulging into physical activity right after eating Eating …

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home remedies for cat injuries

Home Remedies For Cat Injuries

Injuries are suspected in case of cats as they are animal and they can be provided with home remedies for their injuries. They do different kind of activities which may cause minor injuries like cuts, scratches and  bruise but they  are not life threatening and get healed after sometime if …

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Where can i buy cat ears

Where Can I Buy Cat Ears?

Cat ears are one of the most identifying organs in her body. If someone shows you a shadow of the cat then, of course, you can identify it by watching the ears of a cat. Now these cat ears are quite in fashion. People sometimes like to use these cat …

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ear problems in cats and natural remedies

Home Remedies For Cat Ear Infections

Like humans, of course, cats have ear infections too which is quite painful sometimes but a cat owner should know how to handle their pet in such situation. We all want to avoid heavy medicines for our cats because of their delicate nature. If you are a one who is …

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homemade splint

How To Make A Splint For A Cat?

Cats can easily get into fight with other cats or they can easily get into an accident due to their restless nature. Cat owners must remain prepared for any sort of incident with their cat. So if your cat comes home with a broken leg then instead of worrying or …

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5 Reasons To Adopt A German Shepherd Dog

German shepherd is a known dog breed, and is recognized for its services in different ways in which it works as a police dog, and as a house pet. It plays an important role in protecting the house and family member because it is considered as a hero. Most important …

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wound care for cats

Minor Cat Wound Care At Home, DIY Methods

Cats are really active pets and love to stay indulged in outdoor activities throughout the day. During their playful activities, most of the times cats get hurt and receive cuts or bruises. If your cat is also a hyperactive cat then you must be worried about the cuts on a …

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blood in cat urine

Curing Blood In Cat Urine

Inflammation of bladder or infection of bladder in cats is common but it usually doesn’t occur due to bacterial infestation. If we talk about the bacterial infections in bladder then it is rare in cats than in dogs. You are not going to see it in young cats but it …

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ineternal bleeding injection

Internal Bleeding In Cats, Causes & Treatment

Internal bleeding also known as Hemoperitoneum, can occur due to various reasons including any serious internal injury. If you possess a cat then its best to know about the health of your cat as much as you can in order to avoid any life threatening situation. The situation of Hemoperitoneum …

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