staywell dog flaps

How To Do Dog Flap Installation?

A dog door also known as pet flap is a small entrance or opening in a wall or door to let pets enter and leave the house on their own without requiring any human help. Pet doors are mostly planned and designed in a way that is very safe for …

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how to help a grieving dog

How To Help A Grieving Dog?

Like humans, dogs also display the signs of grief. These symptoms can occur due to various reasons including the death of any loved one or any sudden change in the life of your dog. Dogs tend to fall into serious depression when they are grieving due to any particular reason. …

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dress up pets

How To Dress Up Pets For An Outdoor Party?

In today’s time, usually everybody admires the pets in their homes and considers them as a part of family especially if they are cats or dogs. When it comes to outdoor theme parties whether you’re giving or attending a deck party, courtyard bash or an evening get-together, dressing up your …

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clipping cats nails

How To Clipping Cats Nails With Human Nail Clippers?

Clipping cat’s nail regularly is important and it be can done by using human nail clippers also. The cat has a natural habit of climbing and scratching which can be dangerous for the health of the cat owner for cat itself. So, the best option of preventing the chances of …

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how to pet a dog

How To Pet A Dog Without Receiving The Bite?

Dogs might be very friendly but they are also quite moody creatures. If you feel the need to pet any dog then you have to do it very cautiously because not every dog likes to be petted. You need to notice the mood of the dog and approach the dog …

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dog skin allergies

How To Get Rid Of Allergies To Dogs?

How to get rid of allergies to dogs is an important question when you have a pet dog in home. Dogs can suffer from different kind of allergies which irritate the dog and can even make the situation worse for you also. So, it’s better to start the treatment on …

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dog allergic reaction

How Do You Know If You Are Allergic To Dogs?

If you have a pet dog and you start getting sick then how do you know if you are allergic to dogs? It is very common that human get allergic to dogs. It doesn’t mean that you can’t keep the dog at home. Different precautionary measures can be taken when …

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dogs and cats living together

How To Introduce Cats To Dogs?

When you already have a dog at home and thinking of getting a cute cat as a pet then it will be a great challenge for you because it is not possible to make two enemies live together under the same roof. As cat and dog both are considered the …

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introducing your dog to a new dog

How To Introduce A New Dog To Other Dogs?

A question of how to introduce a new dog to other dogs arises in the mind when you are going to bring another dog at home and it have to live with the existing dog. Introducing unfamiliar dog to the existing dog is a challenging situation for you and it …

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