Things To Teach Your Dog

10 Things To Teach Your Dog Must

Giving endless love to your pet dog is just not enough for his upbringing. Teaching etiquettes to your puppy is mutually beneficial for both of you. Here are 10 most basic things to teach your dog must to make him an average and outstanding obedient pet dog. His name Name …

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chow chow temperament

Top 5 Chow Chow Temperament Qualities

Chow chow dogs are quite intimidating due to their wrinkled face, scowling, lion-like ruff, appearance. Chows are the difficult breeds of all to manage and train, as they require special care and attention but most important patience of the owner. They are intolerable towards physical punishment and cannot stand being …

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how to train your dog to do tricks

How To Train Your Dog To Do Tricks?

Dogs are the source of countless love, such that, they deserve to be appreciated. Doing tricks is a great way of stimulating your dog’s mental health. We shouldn’t be confined in teaching him the obedience orders only. There is variety of dog tricks that you can teach him to do …

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How To Train An Aggressive Dog

How To Train An Aggressive Dog?

If your dog scowls, wails, barks, bites or involves in any other non-social conduct then it raises concerns which require immediate actions. Aggressive dogs can be tamed under the right conditions of how to train an aggressive dog. In order to train them you need to be the packs’ leader …

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white chow chow

How To Train White Chow Chow?

North China originated, big teddy bear looking dogs, chow chow are renowned for their attractive appearance and intellectual skills. Everybody wants one and they all also like people coming into their personal space. Although, white chow chow is among the dominant breeds of dogs and is not always easy to …

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chinese chow dog

Chinese Chow Dog, Why To Adopt It?

Fluffy-lion dog referred to as the chinese chow dog originated from the north china and is considered the oldest breed. Their class has also been stated as the “Dog of Tang Empire” and is mostly recognized as the Black Mouth Dog. They are best known for their introverted quality and …

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how to potty train puppy

How To Potty Train Puppy Tips

It is quite exciting when you bring a puppy at your home and eventually get connected with that sweet nascent housemate. You start treating that puppy like a child. You plan different ways of training so that you can adjust the puppy in your house. The very first thing which …

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Homemade Dog Food

What Is A Good Recipe For Making Homemade Dog Food?

When it comes to loyalty, dog is the first choice of heart and mind. They not only give away the unconditional love but also tend to safeguard their owners from the hidden happenings of the world, through different means. Their devotion to the mankind is noteworthy. Unlike human beings, dogs …

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chow dog breed

How To Train A Chow Dog Breed?

Several questions have been asked on the topic as to how to train a chow dog breed? The training of a chow requires professional trainer as well as is not subjected for the first-time dog owner with a perspective of avoiding adverse consequences. Since Chows are powerful dogs they will …

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Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

How To Do Positive Reinforcement Dog Training?

The dog’s education is vital to learn good habits in his living environment and also allows the animal to become a good pet if you favor the approach of positive reinforcement dog training, that is to say, by rewarding the dog when it is good, not punishing it when done something wrong. When taking …

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