train dog to attack

How To Train Your Dog To Attack On Strangers?

Giving your dog a proper training in terms of attack is considered as a very important part. Besides the basic dog training, attack training is also of very much importance. For this purpose you have to keep some important points in mind in order to train your dog to attack. …

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dog weeds

The danger of poisonous weeds for dogs

Dogs are very friendly and loyal creatures. If you have a dog in your home then you don’t need to worry about you and your family’s security. You can leave your house alone with your dog and you can also sleep soundly at night because your dog is going to …

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Sweet potato pea balls turkey dog food recipe

Sweet Potato Pea Balls Turkey Dog Food Recipe

Same like human beings, dogs can also get benefits from sweet potatoes, pea balls and turkey. You can cook this dog food with so many variations and then serve them to your pooch. In this way your dog will have a very tasty addition to his everyday meal. Overall, this …

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Egg and potato diet for dogs

Making Egg And Potato Diet For Dogs At Home

Egg and potato diet for dogs is a very healthy diet for your pet dog and is followed by the majority of dog owners. As both egg and potato are very rich in healthy element, you can give these two to your pooch for sure. Your dog will totally fall …

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dog whistle

Using dog whistle to control the dog behavior

A dog’s whistle is a very valuable device when it comes to train a dog. If you are a dog trainer then this whistle will be a perfect tactic throughout the training process. The whistle is very helpful if you want to communicate with your dog event a long distance. …

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Hygiene and safety when cooking dog food

Does your dog fall ill on frequent basis without any reason? Here we have the answer to this question. Your dog does not fall ill without any reason. There is always a reason and most important reason in this regard is of safety. If hygiene and safety are not under …

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dog ears

Dirty Dog Grooming Tips At Home

We think that only human beings need to keep themselves clean and groomed but this it is not true. We should also pay attention to the grooming of our pets especially dogs. According to many vets, dirty dog grooming is a very important aspect of the overall personality of a …

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