poodle cuts

How To Make Poodle Puppy Cut?

Poodles are famous puppies for their nice and cute look and different style. They are also known for hypoallergenic coat. They require lots of attention from the owner to keep the allergies avoided and to keep them well groomed. Many poodle puppy owners look for the ways to groom their …

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training through clicker

Key steps towards training a lab puppy

If you are an owner of a Labrador puppy then you must want to train him by yourself. Training a lab puppy is no more difficult if you follow the training steps in a proper way. They just need your attention. You must have many questions in your mind that …

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macaw pet bird

Tips On How To Choose A Pet Bird

Birds are really lovable creatures. They are cute, they hold a nice sound and they can become your friends too. It happens many times that a person who doesn’t know about the pet he wants to buy for himself that he is unable to decide how to go for it. …

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breeding season for pets

A Guide To Breeding Season For Pets

Number of breeders failed to produce some litter from a bitch. This happens when things go against the plan. But sometimes when things go according to the plan, the breeding is successful among all pets. Sometimes, there are biological issues that do not make the breeding successful in the breeding …

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Yorkie brushing

How To Groom A Yorkie Breed At Home?

Yorkshire dogs are very beautiful and it is really easy to groom them. How to groom a yorkie is no more a problem now. They have got amazing coats and the silky look of their coats is appraised by the people who have them. What you need to do is …

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Top 10 Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

Do you want to keep a dog as a pet but worried about an allergy attack? You are not the one who is facing this. Almost 10% of US population faces this allergy. There are few hypoallergenic dog breeds that you can keep as pet. No dog is completely hypoallergenic but …

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Best Pomeranian Haircut Technique At Home

Thick and beautiful, the dense coats cover looks amazing on these little smarty dogs. The Pomeranian hair looks cute and beautiful when properly trimmed. A proper haircut of your puppy makes him look fluffy and very feisty. Here, we are going to let you know the exact technique for pomeranian …

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parvo in dogs

Symptoms of parvo in dogs & diagnosing them

To avoid Parvo among dogs, they should be vaccinated for parvo at the age of 6 weeks, then at the age of 10 weeks and then finally at the age of 14 weeks. Later on, the annually vaccination should be done to dogs to avoid parvo. These three vaccinations are …

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brusing maltese

How To Groom A Maltese With Effective Ways?

The article includes guidelines on how to groom a maltese step by step and how to keep him clean and maintained forever. Once you are done with grooming your Maltese breed, both you and your breed will feel better living with each other forever. Basic steps for grooming Maltese breed: …

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