pets adoption

Useful Pet Adoption Tips Before Adopting

In order to adopt a pet, you are supposed to consult an expert or vet in this regard. Make a good research on the internet regarding all the pet experts around your area. Make a list of all the top ones and then fix a meeting with them. During your …

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Eclampsia treatment

Eclampsia symptoms in dogs and treatment

Milk fever is a very dangerous disease present in most of the dogs. It is also known as eclampsia or puerperal tetany. Milk fever in dogs occurs in dogs because of low level of blood calcium. When the level of blood calcium is low in dogs then this problem occurs. …

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dog menstrual cycle

All About Dog Menstrual Cycle

According to some experts, menstruation is not same in female dogs and woman. Female dogs are supposed to have a cycle of estrus. This cycle is also known as dog menstrual cycle. Those female dogs that are sexually very much mature undergo this heat cycle for two times per year …

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Kennel training

Tips for kennel training a puppy properly

Dogs are naturally den animals. If they are introduced wisely and correctly with a wire or plastic kennels, it will provide them a sense of security. Kennel training a puppy is very much important. They should be trained enough that they use kennel as a refuge when he wants to stay …

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Chinese Crested dog

Top 8 most expensive pets in the world

Pets are known to be very precious friends of the mankind. But they can be really precious in terms of money too. There are number of pets in the world that cost millions of dollars from their owners. Here are few most expensive pets that will make your mind blow. …

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poodle cuts

How To Make Poodle Puppy Cut?

Poodles are famous puppies for their nice and cute look and different style. They are also known for hypoallergenic coat. They require lots of attention from the owner to keep the allergies avoided and to keep them well groomed. Many poodle puppy owners look for the ways to groom their …

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training through clicker

Key steps towards training a lab puppy

If you are an owner of a Labrador puppy then you must want to train him by yourself. Training a lab puppy is no more difficult if you follow the training steps in a proper way. They just need your attention. You must have many questions in your mind that …

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