interesting facts about reptiles

Know the interesting facts about reptiles

Below mentioned are some very interesting facts about reptiles. Reading them will let you know the worth of their existence on the earth. Reptiles are considered as among the longest lived species around the globe. For instance, large tortoises use to live for almost 150 years. The majority of snakes …

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Types of Amphibians On Land And Water

Amphibians are known those species that can live on both land and water. Amphibians go through a process of metamorphosis. They breathe not through their nose but through their skin. They are regarded as cold blooded animals and hence rely on sun heat in order to warm up their body. …

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pets games

Top 10 pets games to train your pet

Pets games play a vital role in the grooming and training of your pet in the best possible ways. Some of the best games are mentioned below: Flirt Pole: In this game a rope is attached to a handle or pole. A toy is also attached at the end of …

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cat food analysis

How Cat Food Analysis Will Keep Your Cat Healthy?

Like humans, cats also need a balanced diet containing all the essential nutrients. Most of the cat owners don’t have the clear idea regarding what to feed their cat and what nutrients must be present in their cat food. If you are feeding your cat with the readymade cat food …

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female dogs bleed

How Long Do Female Dogs Bleed?

It is recommended to each and every owner of female dog to be ready for the cycle of estrus in her. This cycle of estrus is totally same like the menstrual cycle of a woman. There is only one difference in these cycles which is that estrus cycle in female …

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homemade cat food

Homemade cat food is good or bad?

Cats seem like the most fun creatures on the earth. Cats have mysterious characteristics and friendly nature that’s why they are regarded as the most desirable pet. But keeping cat as a pet is not an easy task as cats are really moody and touchy about their lifestyles. Every cat …

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how to choose a pet

How to choose a pet dog guidelines

Personality: Personality matters a lot when it comes to know how to choose a pet dog. If you are about to bring a dog to your home, make sure that you have got all the required info regarding his or her personality. You must have to know that whether he …

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