How to know if you’re allergic to cats

How To Know If You’re Allergic To Cats?

Allergies in human beings from pets are quite a common thing, allergies from their fur is not a new thing. Allergies caused by cats are more common in individuals who already have other allergies as well, especially asthma. A lot of the people all around the globe have different allergies …

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how to introduce a kitten to your cat

How To Introduce A Kitten To Your Cat?

Introducing a cat to another cat is tough as compared to introducing a cat with a dog; the reason for this is a cat doesn’t sees a dog as someone who she is having a competition with, but a cat sees another cat as someone competitive to her. Even introducing …

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how to Talk To Your Cat

How To Talk To Your Cat?

Communication is a never ending process, communication started with the start of life on the earth and it ends with the end of life as well. Communication can take place anywhere, you can communicate with anyone, anywhere, one can communicate with words, with sounds, symbols and gestures as well. There …

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8 month old puppy

How To Train 8 Month Old Puppy?

Little puppies are quite curious about different things and whenever they take a chance to know about things they get into a trouble; whenever you adopt a puppy or have some puppies from your own pet dog, you should start training them from their birth. For some people, training the …

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learn from your dog

10 Things You Can Learn From Your Dog

Humans are known as the most knowledgeable and most civilized species on earth. On the other hand, people think that animals don’t possess the enough sense to behave in a civilized way. However, if we observe a little closely then there are many ethical traits that are common inside the …

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Selfie Addiction Snatches The Life Of An Innocent Baby Dolphin!

Selfie Addiction Snatches The Life Of An Innocent Baby Dolphin!

Technology has taken a toll over our lives. People are facing disastrous situations due to the affects of technology. Internet addiction, selfie addiction, porn addiction and social media addiction are some of the curses introduced by monster of information technology. These curses are not only limited to the human life …

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How Do I Stop My Dog Jumping Up

How Do I Stop My Dog Jumping Up?

When it comes to showing your love towards your master, a dog is the only pet that shows unlimited love and unshakable loyalty towards its master. If you own a dog then you must have witnessed this demonstration of love and loyalty from your dog whenever you have met it …

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Chocolate Poisoning In Dogs

Dealing Chocolate Poisoning In Dogs

Everybody loves to eat chocolate in this age. Whether it’s a kid, an adult or a pet, chocolate is the most favorite desert on earth. Latest scientific research has revealed that caffeine present in chocolate helps you feel relax and lowers the level of mental stress. But the thing that …

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chow chow dog

Famous Chow Chow Dog Breeds Nowadays

Even President Calvin and his wife owned two chow chow dogs, a red “Timmy” and black one “Blackberry”. Sigmend freud, an Australian psychoanalyst chose the chow as his ultimate companion. A chow chow dog is still loved throughout the world for his nobleness of a lion, silliness of a panda …

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tips to avoid getting overcharged at the vet

5 Tips To Avoid Getting Over Charged By Your Vet

Most of the pet owners tend to fear the visit to the pet. The issue is that you cannot avoid these visits even if they are very expensive. But on the other hand, you can keep the billing to the minimum by applying a few strategies. Here are the five …

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