adopt a puppy

Things To Be Noticed For Puppies For Adoption

People love to adopt puppies. They are fun, cute, loving, adorable and most of all they are friendly. Adopting a puppy can make you feel that your family now includes one extra family member. But the issue arises when most of the people think about adopting a puppy because most …

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Getting Fascinating Gifts For Puppies

Puppies are such a cute creature that we can’t bear the idea of having a home without a puppy in it. Due to the friendly and cute acts of puppies, most of the people love to bear puppies as their pets. But the issue with the puppies is that they …

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pet expo

World’s most expensive Pet Expo took place in Russia!

Russia has also been actively participating in the pet industry. Recently, world’s greatest pet show was held in St. Petersburg in Russia. Various colorful pet exhibitions were held in this pet show that gathered almost thousands of spectators from the different parts of the city. This show was a big …

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cat raw food diet

How to get my cat eat cat raw food diet?

There are two groups of people who have contradicting views regarding cat diet. First group thinks that cat diet must be available in a packed form so it will be free from any sort of dirt, germs or bacteria. This group thinks that marketed or canned cat food is best …

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fish recipe

Important tips on what can cats eat besides cat food

Cats due to their extra friendly qualities are treated just like the member of the family. Most of the cat owners are very possessive about the diet of their cat. In order to provide their cat with the best, the cat owners try to provide their cats with healthy homemade …

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National Pet Expo 2015

Highlights and memories of National Pet Expo 2015

National Pet Expo is the place where you can get unlimited entertainment while getting acquainted with the beauty of amphibious life. The last episode of this show was held on the 6th, 7th and 8th of May in 2015. Due to the unique ideas and classy presentations, this show captured …

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whole foods diet for my cat

What To Include In The Whole Foods Cat Food For My Cat?

Every cat owner tries hard to provide his cat with healthy and nutritious food. Although in the previous ages, people used to feed their cats with homemade items but as science progressed and life became busy, marketed cat food became the number one choice. But due to the harmful effects …

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