wing clipping birds

Wing clipping birds – Do’s and Don’ts

Keeping a bird at your home, especially a parrot or sparrow seems like a great experience as your house with be filled with chirping and tweeting of these birds. Most of the bird owners don’t believe in keeping their birds in a cage all day, instead they tend to reserve …

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Yummy reptile foods for your slithery pet

Reptiles are known to be the most fun and amazing creatures on the earth. After hearing the word reptile, most of the people would respond with “ewwww” or “yukh” but the fact is that these amazing creatures have been creating their own universe on this planet since the start of …

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how to care for newborn birds

Learn how to care for newborn birds?

Newly born baby birds seem like the most adorable creatures in the world. Like every other mother, mother bird tends to care too much for her little ones. But accidents do happen and accidently one of her baby can fall out of the nest. Many times we get the chance …

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Interzoo 2014

Interzoo 2016: The best Is Yet To Come!

Germans have never stayed behind whether it’s to compete any business opportunity or make an advancement in the industrial sector. And when we talk about pets, Germany is one of those pet industry focused countries that made it to the top of list. If you are waiting for the top …

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Me-O Wonder cat show

4rth Me-O Wonder Cat show 2015 will be held in Karachi!

Egyptian Demi-gods are soon making a strong appearance in Karachi, Pakistan. Karachites are going to encounter a large number of stunning cats in the most memorable event of the year 2015. Showing soon in Maritime Museum Karsaz on the 6th of December, Me-O Wonder cat show 2015 is going to …

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reptiles for sale

How To Choose Pet Reptiles For Sale?

Nowadays, people are trying to go for something unique. Every person wants to experiment with something different. Whether you are thinking about getting a new dress, new car or opting for changing your present look; every person wants to try something unique and different. Even people are making unique choices …

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