breeds are losing their popularity

Top 8 Dog Breeds Are Losing Their Popularity

There are some of the dog breeds that have always maintained their top ranks in the hearts of American people but there are also a few breeds that are losing their popularity. Most of the Americans love to adopt a German shepherd or Labrador retriever because these dog breeds possess …

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Australian Cattle Dog

Top Dog Breeds That Get Lost the Most

Although it’s famous about cats that they can always find a way to their home but dogs, on the other hand, possess the history of getting lost. You might not be able to believe this but the pain of losing a dog can only be understood by the dog’s owners. …

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Rottweiler breed

Top 10 America’s Most Popular Dog Breeds 2016

If you are very concerned about finding out that whether your dog is famous in America or not, then take a look at this report and you will find out the America’s most popular dog breeds 2016. Boxers Although due to some reasons Boxers have lost their rank among the …

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Golden Retriever puppy

10 Reasons Golden Retrievers Are The Best Dog Breeds

If you thinking about adopting a different dog and haven’t made your decision yet then after reading these 10 reasons why golden retrievers are superior dogs, you are definitely going to adopt a golden retriever. 10 reasons that make golden retrievers superior Silent dogs Yup Golden retriever is one of …

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independent dog breeds

Top 8 Independent Dog Breeds That Can Be Left Alone

Every dog has different features, some of the unique features or qualities are associated with particular dog breeds. There are many breeds that are extremely friendly and social. These breeds not only love to mingle up with other dogs but they also crave the care and attention of their masters. …

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cute pugs puppies

Longest Living Dog Breeds List

If we start analyzing the different features of dogs, then we will realize that dogs are really very astounding creatures. Every feature of these creatures is going to make you go “WOW”. Let’s take a look at longest living dog breeds list; you are definitely going to have a hard …

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