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Venomous Snake Bites

OMG! This Man Can’t Live Without Venomous Snake Bites

Tim Friede, without any doubt has proven to be the most daring man on the earth. Tim has been indulged in the mission of finding out the cure for snake bite without any proper lab facility or funding since last 16 years. Any person, who will listen to the complete story of Tim, will call him the most selfless and big-hearted man on earth. Tim even sacrificed his family for the betterment of mankind.

Venomous Snake Bites

Researching on venomous snakes is one thing but using yourself as a sacrificial lamb is a totally different thing. Tim Friede, in order to serve humanity, has been treating himself as a sacrificial lamb for the last sixteen years. Tim’s mission is to create the vaccine for the cure of venomous snake bite or die. Tim Friede, currently 37, has bitten himself with 160 different snakes over the span of 16 long years. During his recent experiment, he received bites from black mamba and a taipan, both of which are the deadliest snakes on earth. Although a single bite from these snakes can kill a human being within seconds but Tim survived the bites due to the fact that his self-immunity has increased over the years.

Tim Friede improved his immunity by receiving venomous snake bites; after the bite of every snake, the antibodies in his body started multiplying. Tim has also seeked help from an expert microbiologist Dr. Brian Hanley, so his theory of self-immunization can receive authentic recognition and gets published. Although his extreme obsession with snakes and finding the cure to snake bite has costed him his marriage but still he is content with his mission to serve the humanity.

This journey of snake obsession was not easy for Tim too as his life was threatened many times over the years.

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