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Vaccination for newborn kittens

Newborn Kitten Care, Vaccinations & Schedule

Newborn kittens are similar to newborn human babies. Both are tender, gentle, fragile and beautiful. They need assistance from the outer world for maintaining their beauty, innocence and health. There are different helpful tips, precautions and essential steps which you might take to provide kittens the healthier life. Newborn kitten care is not as difficult as a common man thinks. What you need is just to follow the below mentioned guidelines in order to save them carefully.

Important initial care steps:

  • Cleaning

Newborn kittens need some extra care from you. Cleanliness is the most important thing so you must clean them with proper products and warm water for cleaning their outer bodies. Newborn kitten bodies contain various germs which might infect them permanently if they are not cleaned properly. After bathing them gently you should provide warmth to them and let them feed as much as they want. Feeding them in the ways human baby do is not the perfect way. Kittens need different style but prior to doing so console them by your physical touch and provide them sense of protection and warmth.

Newborn kitten care

  • Feeding

Newborn kittens need require the feeding after every two to three hours. So, you must perform this continuous duty to nurse the newborn kitten with a great attention. Providing the right milk for the newborn kittens is necessary as their stomachs cannot digest the ordinary milk like cow milk or other different milk products. Introducing the newborn kitten to solid food is completely wrong. Provide the recommended formula milk if the mother cat is not around the newborn kitten to feed her.

Newborn kitten feeding

Vaccination for newborn kittens:

For the newborn kitten care, you must know about the vaccination of newborns. This will help to protect the small innocent baby from the variety of infectious diseases and build the strong immune system inside his body. The risk of various life threatening diseases can be minimized with help of the proper vaccination of newborn kittens. Generally, there are no kinds of reaction or adverse effects found in newborn kittens because of vaccination. So, it is safe to vaccine your newborn kitten at the right time to save them from illness.

Vaccination for newborn kittens

Vaccination schedules:

Vaccination schedules for newborn kittens are defined by the vets which remains the same for cats of different countries. The first vaccination is done at the age of 6 weeks when the newborn kitten start developing certain skills like opening eyes and listening. After ten weeks the second vaccination is done. The first two vaccines are combination ones whereas the third one is for rabies which is provided at the age of twelve weeks, after a week or two the fourth vaccination is about Feline Leukemia and Chlamydophilla.

From sixteen to twenty weeks of age the newborn kittens have to undergo a twice for the combination of vaccines. The kitten vaccination schedule ends here however afterwards the vaccine to cure the kitten from any other specific can be provided by the prescription and recommendation of the vet.

Proper medication is required if any kind of other vaccination is recommended. However, the normal vaccination should be followed strictly by every owner for giving the newborn kitten a strong, healthy and happy life.

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