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National Pet Show 2016 To Be Held In London: Pet-filled Entertainment At Your Doorstep

All the pet-lovers should brace themselves as the famous National Pet Show is scheduled for the 7th and 8th of May, 2016. All the Londoners can easily participate in this show as the upcoming National Pet Show will be held in Excel, London. If you have a special love and interest for animals then this is the best opportunity for you to indulge in various informative discussions and activities about pets. You can socialize with thousands of other pet owners, learn new ways to groom a pet, enjoy the exciting pet activities and learn about the various species of different animals by participating in this National Pet Show.

You are going to see the colorful and attractive actions of dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, ponies, under-water animals and small Furries. The animals participating in this pet show will be awarded with different prizes depending on their unique abilities and achievements.

national pet show

You are going to need to pay for the entry ticket only. Other than that, everything including the tour and discussion participation is free. During the show you are going to encounter the rarest species of the most stunning birds you have ever seen. You will also get to know about the grooming, health, and feeding tips for these birds. The pet show also focuses on revealing some of the mouth-opening unknown facts about the animals present in the show.

pet show london

The most amazing thing about this pet show will be the famed live theater that will display amazing acts of dogs, cats, crocodiles and various other reptiles. The pet show will also entertain you with cat modeling competition and rabbit jumping race.

london pet show 2016

If you don’t want to miss this amazing opportunity then grab your wallets to get the tickets for this unforgettable show.

Here you can see the highlights for national pet show London 2015:

London pet show 2016 will be more pleasant and entertaining.

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