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homemade cat food recipes

Mouthwatering Homemade Cat Food Recipes For Your Cat

Every cat owner loves to feed his cat with some homemade cat food. Making food for your cat at home with your own hands shows your cat that you treasure him as your precious friend. But most of the people are not well acquainted with the recipes of homemade cat food. Some of the people are also of the opinion that making cat food at home is a very hectic job and can prove to be very expensive in comparison with the readymade cat food.

So, why bother going through the entire ordeal when you can easily get cat food in the market. Homemade cat food not only expresses your love for the cat but it will also provide you the satisfaction that you are feeding your cat with something healthy and hygienic. Below are mentioned some easy and cheap homemade cat food recipes options so you can express your love to your cat without too much effort.

Recipe 1


  • Mackerel in canned form-one cup
  • Sunflower seed oil- one tablespoon
  • Brown rice in cooked form (must be organic)- one tablespoon
  • Simple water or chicken/beef broth- two tablespoons


Add all the ingredients in the blender and blend them until they turn into a thick mixture. You can also feed the cat with fresh serving. This food can be used for up to three days if it has been refrigerated immediately.

homemade cat food recipes

Recipe 2


  • Canned sardines-1 can (must be in oil)
  • Oatmeal-1/3 cup (must be in cooked form)
  • Carrot (cooked and mashed)- two tablespoons


Mix all the items in a bowl. Try to mash them and mix them in a blended form. Serve freshly made meal and don’t keep in fridge after three days. As sardines are known to be one of the most loved cat foods so there is a little chance that your cat is going to leave any to be kept in the fridge.

Recipe 3


  • Egg yolk-one (must be cooked)
  • Trout- one cup ( must be cooked)
  • Sunflower oil- two tablespoons
  • Broccoli- one tablespoon (steamed and chopped in small pieces)


You just need to add all the ingredients in the food blender. Blend the mixture until it turns into a thick paste. Meal must be served fresh but it can be used for three days if kept in fridge.

Recipe 4


  • Chicken-one cup (must be cooked, you can use either baked chicken or broiled chicken)
  • Chicken broth
  • Carrots- ¼ cup (must be steamed and mashed)
  • Broccoli-1/4 cup (must be steamed and mashed)


Add the items in a food blender and don’t forget to add some chicken broth before blending the ingredients. Blend until the mixture turns into a smooth paste. You can add more broth but keep in mind not to turn the mixture into a soup; it must look like a paste. You must let the food cool down for a while and then serve it to your cat. If your cat likes to eat chicken then surely he will love this recipe.

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