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wound care for cats

Minor Cat Wound Care At Home, DIY Methods

Cats are really active pets and love to stay indulged in outdoor activities throughout the day. During their playful activities, most of the times cats get hurt and receive cuts or bruises. If your cat is also a hyperactive cat then you must be worried about the cuts on a cat issue. With the hyperactive cats, this issue tends to occur on almost daily basis. Most of the cat owners get worried because they don’t know how to treat the minor cat cuts at home and rush to the vet. The next time your cat receives cuts, then there’s no need for you to rush to the vet, instead follow the below mentioned guidelines for cat wound care.

  • First of all you must understand that your cat needs to be protected after what happened with it. It’s best to keep your cat close to you for a few moments before providing your cat with first aid. It might help your cat settle down; otherwise you will have to make a lot of effort in bandaging the wound of your cat. Another thing that you must keep in mind that even though your cat might be friendly in normal circumstances but when its wounded it can get quite furious. And furious cats do bite. So don’t forget to make your cat calm before bandaging it.

cat wound care

  • Next step is to observe the wound in detail. If the wound seems serious then it’s best not to treat it at home and take the cat to the vet but if the wound is small then you can treat it yourself.

wound care for cats

  • In order to clean the wound you need to take a small amount of antiseptic solution and dilute it with water. You can mix the water and this solution in syringe and spray it on the cat’s wound to wash it. Repeat this procedure several times if necessary. If you don’t have access to antiseptic solution then you can also use antibacterial or antiseptic soap. If your cat has a small wound then its best not to opt for the bandage. If the wound is deep and your pet needs bandage then its best to consult a vet because at home you might tie tight bandage that can prove harmful for your cat.

cat scratch wound care

  • After you have washed the wound and/or applied bandage then you must closely observe the wound because the healing stage of the wound is known as the most critical stage as anything can go wrong. If wound turns yellowish-green due to pus or it becomes deep red then you must instantly contact the vet because these are not good symptoms.

Veterinarians play with pets

  • If your cat has indulged into a fight with another cat or dog and has received puncture wounds then its best to take your cat to the vet because puncture wounds can also become infectious due to dirt accumulation. You must also get your cat vaccinated for rabies.
  • If your cat has been seriously attacked and the pressure of blood is high then you must compress the wound with your hand in order to slow down the pressure.

how to care for a cat wound

These are the treatments that you can provide to your cat if it has received cuts or wounds. If the condition gets out of your hand then contact the vet immediately.

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