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Metro Reptile Expo all set for Nov 29th, 2015: An upcoming slithery event with glittery reptiles

If you are bored and want to attend an event of a unique nature then this thrilling Expo is definitely going to make shivers run down your spine. This Metro Reptile Expo is definitely the most awaited event in the town. Scheduled for 29th November, 2015, this Reptile Expo will be held in Westchester County Center, 198 Central Ave, White plains, New York.

Highlights of Metro Reptile Expo NY 2015:

Discussions about reptile breeding will be held in the show:

Known as the largest reptile Expo ever, this event is definitely going to make you snap your camera with each passing minutes. Thousands of different reptile species, all under one roof, it will definitely be a show to watch. You don’t have to make pre-bookings to attend this show. In order to attend it you just need to be there on time because the timings of this tremendous show are very limited, just 10am to 4pm and the tickets will be available at the entrance.

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Different species of reptiles will be available for sale:

If you are planning on getting a reptile pet for yourself or you are planning on starting a business featuring reptiles, either way this show holds great attractions for you. The great thing about this show is that all sorts of amphibians, reptiles, and arachnids will be available for sale. If you have been searching for specific specie of reptiles and have remained unsuccessful in finding it then you can definitely get that particular specie in this Expo on discounted price.

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Reptiles will be displayed in an attractive way:

Apart from the reptiles, you will also get the chance to purchase thousands of reptile accessories in this Expo. During the Expo you will find feeder bugs, high quality reptile cages, frozen rodents, and many other reptile-focused products at reasonable prices. Do keep in mind that pets are not allowed.

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