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Mama Nam And Baby Nam Nursed Back To Health By The International Animal Rescue

Mama Nam And Baby Nam Nursed Back To Health By The International Animal Rescue

International Animal Rescue was able to rescue a starving Orangutan and her baby from the village of Semanai, Simpang Tiga in Borneo when the team members received report about hungry mother and baby Orangutan invading the crop fields.

Orangutan and her baby

The team members of International Animal Rescue covered the distance from their base camp in Ketapang to the village of Semanai in around one and a half hour.

hungry mother and baby Orangutan

At the end of the year 2015, jungle fires destroyed a vast land of the Gunung Palung National Park located in Borneo’s due to which most of the habitat animals of that area had to move out.

Both the mother and baby Orangutan also fled from this park. The International Animal Rescue team found both the apes in their temporary nesting area. The mother ape was 20 years old so the team members were able to control her after hitting her with dart tranquilizers for three times.

animal rescue

Although the mother Orangutan was extremely weak, fragile and stressed still she fought hard to protect her little one. Her little baby was only two years old and was also very weak.

Starving orangutans rescued

Dr. AYU BUDI HANDAYANI, upon closer examination of the mother ape, revealed that mother ape’s health condition was extremely poor due to the fact that she was hungry for a longtime. The mother ape was so skinny and malnourished that her body was unable to fulfill the milk requirements for her little baby.

International Animal Rescue

The team members took both mother and baby to the Orangutan rehabilitation centre, where they nursed them back to health. The mother ape was named “Mamma Nam” and the little one was named “Baby Nam”.

village of Semanai

After two months, both the Mamma Nam and Baby Nam were released to the Orangutan site in the wild as they had regained their normal weight and were ready to continue their normal life.

Orangutan released

And now both moth and hey baby living a healthy life.

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