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LOL! How This Lover Dog Is Trying To Snatch The Sari Of A Bollywood Actress!

Bollywood actresses have always remained a symbol of beauty due to their delicate looks and elegant beauty. No man in his right mind, won’t fall in love with a Bollywood actress. Same theory is applicable for all the dogs or at least this dog.

Here in this video, you will see a dog flirting with a stunning bollywood actress. The Indian actress is dressed in a dazzling red sari due to which the dog has fallen in love with her. At the start dog makes moves to capture the attention of this sizzling beauty but when she gives him a cold shoulder, he jumps for the drape of her sari.

After securing the drape of this Bollywood actress in her mouth, the dog starts dancing around her. At first the Bollywood actress gets shocked but later she tends to enjoy this romantic dance of her lover dog.

Bollywood actress tries a lot to free her drape from the teeth of the dog but her lover dog was not ready to let go off her sari. All the people around this bollywood actress started gazing and applauding the brave act of this dog. Due to the abundance of security guards surrounding each of the Bollywood actresses, none of the fans are able to touch or get a piece of their sari. But this dog proved that love can cross all the boundaries. If this Bollywood actress has a security guard then he is not daring to make this dog leave this Bollywood actress.

The struggle between the Bollywood actress and her lover dog goes on for a few minutes and then the actress gets angry. She stops in her steps and starts staring at the dog. Sensing her loss of struggle, the dog also slows his struggle. As a result, the Bollywood actress suddenly snatches her drape from the mouth of the dog and at last succeeds in freeing her sari.


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