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Cat Claw Trimming

Know The Dangers Of Cat Claw Trimming

Cats are the most important, common and innocent pets found in the world. They need complete process of care for their health and good behavior. For keeping them well mannered and healthy it is important to keep their nails healthy. Scratching is common among cats which can be sometimes furious but many of the times habitual. In order to prevent scratching sometime you people declaw their cats without knowing the dangers of cat claw trimming. Declawing actually cuts off the joints or toe bones of the cats permanently. It is a painful process and causes different kinds of behavioral, emotional and other abnormalities in the cats.

It is good to keep the nails of cats healthy and to teach them how to keep the owners and other belongings away from scratching but declawing them permanently is harmful for them in many ways. Declawing cats is said to be the similar process as a human being gets his toe fingers cut from last knuckle joints.

Cat Claw Trimming

Dangers of declawing your cats:

Declawing your cats is a harmful and dangerous process which can put worst impacts at them. Various dangers that can be caused to your cats are as follows:

  • Walking abnormality

Many cats found themselves unable to talk when they once go through the declawing process permanently. The pain in the joints and muscles cause the inability to talk normally. They have to learn to walk in abnormal ways in order to restrict the pain. If any human being gets his toe fingers or joints cut from the knuckle bones he has to put the weight at some other place to balance the body weight. Similarly, cats have to balance the body weight the other way round in order to walk. So, declawing causes the walking abnormalities in cats. Thus, walking abnormality is the most severe and important danger of declawing cats that you must know.

  • Continuous pain

When our any of the joint or bones gets trimmed or cut off we have to face a continuous pain till we get completely recovered. When you declaw your cat you get the bones or joints get damaged, trimmed or removed permanently. This means that you are introducing your cats to a permanent kind of pain which will accompany them till their deaths. Persistent pain is a serious kind of danger of declawing your cat.

  • Deformation of claw

You must acknowledge yourself to various kinds of dangers of declawing your pet cat before you attempt the process. While declawing your cat you are making the claw of your cat permanently deformed or de-shaped. This is seriously harmful for the normal lifestyle of your cats. You should avoid doing this without getting relevant to the proper method of declawing.

  • Behavioral abnormalities

Declawing the cats makes them aware of their body changes and inability to scratch the things or performing other tasks with their claws induces several kinds of behavioral abnormalities in them. Remaining angry and furious is among the common dangers of declawing cats. Therefore, you must avoid declawing the cats in the illegal ways.

Hiring professional services for declawing your cat would be the best option if you love your cat in true manners.

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