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Know About Helpful Bird Feeding Tips

Every species of birds differ from each other and needs the right way of feeding birds properly. There are different styles of bird feeding for every individual species of the birds. You can get some important and helpful feeding tips here.

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  • The most important thing is to keep the bird feeders away from the place where there are people, noise or pollution of any kind present in a large proportion. This will help the birds to eat the food properly without been getting disturbed.
  • There are different kinds of feeders available in the market for the birds. Do not try to feed all the birds in a same feeder because different birds love to get feed in different ways. Some birds can eat the food or seed at the flat surfaces whereas other may remain convenient in the large hoppers or tube feeders.
  • The natural inclination of birds towards food differs from each other. One type of food or seed may be suitable for a single species but is completely unsuitable for the other kind. So, you should take care about the preference of food regarding the bird species whenever you are performing the bird feeding act.
  • Grit is generally helpful for all kinds of birds as it is good for the crushing or grinding of food inside the bird’s body. So, you can offer grit to all kinds of birds if it is properly cleaned and sterilized.
  • In order to provide water to the birds place the cleaned and properly shaped pots in the bird feeders. Suitable kind of pots are required for the various species as large beaked birds need shallow whereas small beaked birds need almost flat or raised bottom pots.

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Preventive measures while feeding the birds:

There are various kinds of preventive measures regarding the bird feeding process. Some are related to the food whereas other with the quality of food and hygienic conditions. However, some common and essential preventive measures are listed below:

  • Care about hygienic conditions

You should clean the bird feeders, pots and other utensils placed in the bird feeders regularly. It is essential for the health of birds. If the water pots are not cleaned at daily basis they will absorbs the dust particles and other dirty particles in them which can ultimately harm the inside body of birds drinking that water. Similarly, you should take a great care while purchasing the seeds and food for the birds because unhealthy or low quality food will be harmful for the birds. Read the expiry date prior to feeding the birds with the food.

  • Care about climatic conditions

Climate and changing weather definitely affects the birds. You should take the care and alter your bird feeding process and food with the change of the weather. For example, in winters try to provide the birdbath heater in the bird feeders to facilitate the birds.

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