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Key steps towards training a lab puppy

If you are an owner of a Labrador puppy then you must want to train him by yourself. Training a lab puppy is no more difficult if you follow the training steps in a proper way. They just need your attention. You must have many questions in your mind that how you are going to train your puppy?

Basic steps to train the lab puppies:

Labradors love to play with the master. They are very energetic. The dogs and the puppies both are very active. They want to please their owner all the time. That is why they need lots of exercise to keep them healthy and happy.

First of all, to train this much active and playful puppy, you need to know where all the things related to the puppy are located in your house. You need to know about his

  • Food
  • Water
  • His sleeping place

So, these basic things will get you closer to him. When you serve him his food and water, he will automatically get attracted towards you. You can also potty train him by taking him to the place you want him to pee and spend some time there. When he does his pee tell him with sounds and commands that this is the place for pee.

Play with his favorite toys:

Once you are familiar with the puppy, start playing with him with some toys. After sometime, you will be able to know that which toy is his favorite. Now start playing with him with the same favorite toy.

pet toys

Tell him what is acceptable and what is not:

When he does something wrong, move your head in the direction of “No” or get in front of him saying “NO” so that he starts understanding the meaning of what is not acceptable.


Give him rewards:

Science and philosophy both have proved that animals tend to behave much better when they are given some reward. So, do not punish your lab puppy but reward him when he behaves according to you. This will encourage his obedience towards his family.

Make clear and concise commands:

Try to use some command for your puppy. Like use sounds to stop him when he is doing something wrong. When he accomplishes some task use “Hurray” like commands. Make shorter commands so that he can understand them easily. Use them on daily basis so that he becomes used to them.

The training through clicker:

It’s a small device that makes a clicking sound when it is pressed. You can buy this device from any pet store. Its purpose is to mark the right behavior clicks for your puppy. It is really helpful in training your lap puppy with the best possible ways. Once you know that the positive click is done by the puppy, give him some reward but do not punish him on negative clicks because this will make him aggressive.

training through clicker

Lab puppy training requires more patience then training a child. The patience and time is the key to make your puppy trained.

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