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Santa costumes for pets

Jingly Christmas Pet Costumes Ideas For 2015

Jingle bells are ringing and everybody is trying hard to complete the Christmas shopping on time. People are buying gifts for their family members, friends and pets. Not only the gifts are in demand but everybody is trying hard to get the best costume or dress in town so he can look stunning on Christmas. Same goes for pets, all the pet owners are trying hard to find some unique, traditional Christmas costumes for their pets. If you have been searching among the routine Christmas pet costumes and have been unable to find the one that appeals you then here are some perfect ideas for you.

  • Santa costumes for pets

Santa costumes are very trending on Christmas, although humans get to find these costumes easily for themselves but finding one for your pet is not easy. This year various Santa themed pet costumes are available on pet stores and hundreds of online pet accessory stores. If you want to get one for your dog then just log online and have a look at various options available on the online stores. You can even get different colors and sizes in these costumes but red is the traditional color for Santa so you are going to find the red Santa costumes in majority.

Santa costumes for pets

  • Elf costumes for pets

Who wouldn’t want to dress up his doggy in an elfish costume? Available in brilliant dark green colors, these costumes are really beautiful. Your doggy, dressed as an elf, will look super-cute. Although most of the elf costumes are available in dark green color but if you want to make your dog look unique then you can also go for the elfish costumes available in the blend of red and green. Complete with stunning cap, these costumes are available in four different sizes including Xtra Small, Small, Medium and Large.

Elf costumes for pets

  • Gingerbread costumes

If you want to dress your dog in a yummy, adorable look then dress it as a gingerbread man. Available in dark brown color with shocking pink bow, these costumes are truly going to make your little pup look delicious.

Gingerbread pet costumes

  • Reindeer costumes

You can also make your dog look like reindeer by fixing the reindeer antlers on its head. Available in various shades of brown and skin, these antlers are truly going to provide your dog the magical look of a reindeer.

Reindeer pet costumes

  • Christmas themed collar for cats

If you want to add a simple touch of Christmas spirit to your cat then this Christmas themed collar comprising jingle bells is going to make your cat very merry. Just tie it around your cat’s neck and all day long your cat is going to dance on the sweet twinkle of the bells hanging on the collar.

Christmas themed collar for cats

  • Christmas gift costumes for pets

The most unique Christmas costumes for the pets are the Christmas present costumes. You can dress your dog as a Christmas present in order to show the real spirit of Christmas. Dressing your dog as a beautifully wrapped Christmas gift is going to provide it a very funny yet interesting look. If you want to try something new then you should definitely go for this look.

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