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Internal Bleeding In Cats, Causes & Treatment

Internal bleeding also known as Hemoperitoneum, can occur due to various reasons including any serious internal injury. If you possess a cat then its best to know about the health of your cat as much as you can in order to avoid any life threatening situation. The situation of Hemoperitoneum basically occurs when blood starts to accumulate in the abdominal cavity present in-between the wall of the abdomen and the organs present inside the abdominal area. This article is going to provide you with complete guidance regarding the internal bleeding in cats and treatment but first you must you must understand the causes behind this issue.

internal bleeding in cats

Causes behind the internal bleeding in cats:

Some of the common causes of internal bleeding in cats are mentioned below

  • Any sort of traumatic injury can also result in internal bleeding of your cat. You must keep this in mind that this cause is known as the most common cause behind the internal bleeding.
  • Tumors in the abdominal area- This is another common reason behind the abdominal bleeding. In this case the internal bleeding can start due to the rupture of any tumor or blood vessel inside the abdomen and as a result the blood will start to gather inside the abdominal cavity.
  • Hematomas-
  • Coagulopathies-these are basically the clots that can also result in the internal bleeding of the abdomen.

 Symptoms of abdominal bleeding:

If your cat is showing the following symptoms then you must take an instant action in order to save your cat’s life.

  • If your cat is feeling very weak
  • if your cat faints suddenly or collapses
  • if your cat faces any sort of abdominal distention
  • if there you notice any sort of bruising under your cat’s skin
  • if your cat is having breathing issues
  • if you notice that the mucus membranes of your cat are pale in color
  • sudden and fast weight loss
  • loss of hunger

How to detect internal bleeding?

If your cat reveals any of the above symptoms then its best to take it to the vet as soon as you can. The vet will determine the presence of internal bleeding and the reasons behind it by administering some medical tests such as:

  • X-Ray of the abdominal area
  • Abdominocentesis-in this procedure a syringe is used to extract fluid from the abdominal area
  • Evaluation of the sample
  • Keeping track of the blood count
  • Biochemistry profile
  • CT
  • MRI
  • Ultrasound

internal bleeding in cats


The most probable treatment strategies include:

  • Fluid provision through intravenous mode
  • Blood transfusion
  • Abdominocentesis
  • Oxygen provision
  • Pain killers/ pain killing injections
  • Exploratory surgery

ineternal bleeding injection

If your cat is showing symptoms of internal abdominal bleeding then its best to keep your cat warm inside the comfortable environment. Try to keep your cat relaxed as stress can be extremely harmful for your cat’s health. If you think that the internal bleeding of your cat has resulted from any serious injury then it’s best not to move your cat and call the paramedics.

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