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Important tips on what can cats eat besides cat food

Cats due to their extra friendly qualities are treated just like the member of the family. Most of the cat owners are very possessive about the diet of their cat. In order to provide their cat with the best, the cat owners try to provide their cats with healthy homemade diet or expensive marketed cat food. But some of the owners are also of the opinion that cats should not be limited to cat food only. The reason for this is that what if you are stuck in some place with your cat where you don’t have access to cat food. The question that what can cats eat besides cat food will definitely come to your mind in such a scenario. And the answer is human food, instead of letting your cat starve to death, it’s much better to provide your cat with human food. Human foods are not harmful for your cat and she can also digest the human food items in an easy way.

Before feeding your cat with human food, you must keep in mind to introduce only those food items to your cat that won’t cause obesity to her. Cat obesity is the number one risk factor for cats that provides serious health threats to your cat. You can only beat this health issue by providing balanced diet to your cat. Below are mentioned the human food items that are good for cat health.

  • You can provide your cat with cooked chicken, cooked beef, and cooked turkey. Keep in mind to never give raw meat to your cat as it might be dangerous for her health.
  • You can also feed your cat with whole grains as they are rich in proteins. Most of the cats like to eat barley, brown rice, corn meal, wheat berries, polenta, couscous, millet and oatmeal. While providing your cat with the whole grain food items you must keep in mind to mash or grind them so your cat can easily swallow them.
  • You can also provide your cat with fried fish. Fish will provide your cat with fresh feed of Omega-3 fatty acids. Whether you want to feed your cat with fried fish, cooked fish or canned fish, every form is suitable.

fish recipe

  • You can also provide your cat with cooked eggs as they will provide proteins to your cat’s body. Keep in mind never to feed your cat with raw eggs.
  • Cats are not able to sense the taste of sweet items so providing fruits to your cat may be useless but as they contain high amount of vitamins they can also be beneficial for the health of your cat. Cats don’t tend to life vegetable but as the vegetables are rich in vitamins, iron, magnesium and minerals, so providing such diet to your cat might be very healthy for him.
  • You can also feed your cat with cheese as it is rich in protein but keep in mind to feed it in small pieces. The reason for providing small amount is that the digestive tract of a cat is weak and bears dairy items with burden.

Cats tend to eat meat with extreme interest but if you really want your cat to lead a healthy life then its best for you to provide your cat with a bite of every food item mentioned in the above list.

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