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How To Use Cat Nail Clippers For Trimming The Cat’s Nails?

If anyone have a pet cat then it’s very important to keep its nails trimmed using the cat nail clipper. If the cat has a habit of kneading and scratching then its nails must be trimmed after few days to prevent injury to the owner and to the cat itself because it can injure itself by its pointed nails.

There are different styles and types of nail clippers which can be used for trimming cat’s nails like guillotine type nail clipper, a scissors cut and especially designed nail clipper for cats. It is sometime very difficult to cut nails of your pet cat, it can hurt her if the cat will not stay still and for avoiding this injury it is very important to hold the cat carefully. That’s why below are given guidelines of how to use cat nail clippers safely and carefully.

  • Prepare your cat for nail clipping

It is important to make the cat ready for nail trim. Firstly wait for the right time when your cat is totally relaxed. Hold the cat in its favorite position in which mostly it feels like having fun or feels relaxed. The cat may try to walk away from you than don’t force her just let her go and try again after some minutes whenever you get the opportunity.

how to use cat nail clippers

  • Get the cat in a comfortable position

If you are going to trim the cat nails by yourself using a cat nail clipper then make the cat sit on your lap in such a position in which its face is away from you and try to press the nails which will help it to extend.

cat nail trim

  • Hold cat’s paws

When you feel like the cat is comfortable then let her paw to rest in your hand  without pulling them, while doing this reward your cat with the treats that it likes the most, it will help to cut nails in future when it will know that there will be a reward after this nail trimming.

how to trim cat claws

  • Cut its nails with nail clipper

When it is totally relaxed then go for a nail cut but do it slowly to make it sure that it is not hurting her. Message paws again and again which will help it to extend nails. Do these techniques with all of its paws.

cat nail clipping

When one should go for its cat’s nail trim?

Above mentioned steps are important for every owner who has a pet cat but it is also important to know when they should go for nail trim. Right time matters a lot when it is easier to cut her nails using a cat nail clipper. One of the good time is when the cat is feeling sleepy after cat has eaten at that time mostly cats feel lazy but never go for it when cat is hungry, is playing with something or is in an aggressive mood because it can make the situation worse for the owner.

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