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Cat burn

How To Treat Intense Cat Burn?

Cats can get into accident at anytime of the day due to their curious nature. Most of the times cats get injured or burned; in either case, cat master must know how to treat the burns/wounds and take care of the cat. In this article we are going to provide you with some important tips that are going to prove very helpful to you if your cat gets burned or scalded. Cat burn can occur due to any reason like getting in contact with fire, electrical item or hot liquid. Cats usually face two types of burns including chemical burns and thermal burns.

Things to keep in mind!

Before going further, we must keep in mind that cats might also face some other issues along with receiving the burns. It’s also possible that your cat might have suffocated due to the abundance of smoke or might have received shock due to burns; if such things occur then you need to treat your cat accordingly. Sometimes it also happens that the cat is so badly burnt that putting it to permanent sleep is the only option that doctors have.

Causes of burns:

Your cat can receive serious or minor burns through various methods such as:

  • Hot, blazing fire
  • Hair dryers
  • Heating pads
  • Heated metallic parts of stove or oven
  • Hot liquids
  • Electrically operated equipment
  • Electrical wiring or cords
  • Radiators
  • Hot lamps
  • Heaters
  • Hazardous chemicals
  • Hot sunlight
  • Radiating waves erupting from Microwave oven
  • Radiation


Cats can’t talk English that’s why if your cat has received any sort of burn then you would have to observe its behavior in order to find out the real reason. If your cat is limping while walking or is unable to walk in normal way then chances are that it might have received burns on its feet due to walking on hot floor. Your cat might also receive burns if it walks on a floor mopped with strong chemicals.

Cat burn

Level of burns and how to treat them:

If your cat seems uncomfortable and nose and ears seem whitish then it means that your cat has received sunburns. If your cat has received burn then its treatment would be provided according to the classification of the burn. Burns are usually classified in three degrees according to the level of their severity.

  • The burns that appear only on the outer surface of the skin are known as the first degree burns. The skin will turn red after receiving the burns but the layers of the skin won’t receive any sort of damage from this. The level of pain will be less and bearable. These burns can easily be treated by applying burn-cure ointment on the skin or if you wish then you can take your cat to the vet for a quick checkup.
  • If the blisters or scars have appeared as a result of the burn and also the skin is dark red then it means that your cat has received second degree burns. These burns are usually cured with the help of bandages, antibiotics, pain killers or any sort of natural salve.
  • Next is the third degree burn which is the most horrifying form of the burns. If such a condition occurs then you need to rush your cat to the doctor as soon as possible. Due to intense pain, your cat might fall into shock so the doctors will sedate it. The burns will be treated with antibiotics, pain killers and bandaging plus IV fluids.

Cat burn treat

Although accidents can’t be prevented still if you want to protect your cat from having such painful burns then you must lead an alert life.

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