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seizures and epilepsy

How To Treat Cat Convulsion?

Although this doesn’t happen to every other cat, but if by accident you find your cat going into seizures then you don’t need to panic. Cat convulsion or cat seizures can occur to any cat due to a number of issues but instead of panicking it is best for you to get an appointment from your vet and learn to care for your cat during the time of a seizure.

What is cat convulsion?

If you are feeling a little confused about cat convulsion then you must know if on any specific time your cat collapses unconsciously to the floor and suddenly its body starts to jerk then it’s a convulsion. Most of the times, the body of your cat will become stiff after it will fall into an unconscious state. After getting stiff, the body muscles will move in an involuntary way. During the fit or seizure, your cat might go through:

  • Jerking-the whole body might move like its getting severe jerks
  • Feet paddling
  • Jaw or teeth snapping
  • Lose bowels or involuntary urination
  • Vomiting
  • Discharge of saliva-like material from the mouth

Cat Convulsion

Difference between seizures and epilepsy:

Most of the people get confused while understanding the difference between epilepsy and seizure but it’s important that a cat owner must understand this difference in order to provide a better care to his cat during the period of convulsion.

Seizure basically means involuntary movements of the bodily muscles during the phase of unconsciousness due to

  • Brain tumor
  • Infection
  • Epilepsy or
  • Hazardous chemicals with toxic effects

Epilepsy basically stands for the seizures without any specific reason. So, if your cat is convulsing without any specific reason then we can safely say that the cat has epilepsy.

seizures and epilepsy

Steps to follow before treatment:

Cat convulsion is not a good condition and must be treated as soon as possible. But before taking your cat to the vet, you must analyze every movement of your cat during the seizure. Next thing that you need to understand is to note the timings when your cat falls into the seizure and the conditions during which the convulsion happens. Because most likely the vet won’t be able to see the cat during the time of the seizures so it’s best for you to note every detail regarding the duration of the seizure so your cat can receive better treatment on time.


Most of the veterinary doctors will inject your cat with diazepam in order to control the seizure happening at the time. If the seizure is prolonged then the doctors will provide the cat with general anesthesia. Most of the vets would require you to provide the complete details regarding the lifestyle and seizure of your cat. Next thing is they would try is to analyze the cat during the seizure. Blood tests, X-rays and urine tests would also be administered. The vet will first treat the basic reason behind the convulsion and if it is epilepsy then they will go for phenobarbital and gabapentin for the treatment.

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