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cat bad breath

How To Treat Cat Bad Breath?

In humans, bad breath is the symptom of any sort of health disturbance i.e. stomach disturbance or dental issue. The case with the cats is almost similar to the human beings; if you feel that bad and strong breath is coming from your cat’s mouth then it means that your cat is suffering from any sort of internal health issue. Although, in normal days your cat won’t exhale a sweet breath but if the smell of cat bad breath is unbearably strong then it means that something is seriously wrong.

What are the causes of cat bad breath?

Bad breath in cats is also commonly known by the name of halitosis. If your cat is reeking bad breath then the first likely cause might be dental or gum issue but it can also be caused due to various other issues such as:

  • Oral bacterial infections
  • Respiratory abnormalities
  • Gastrointestinal disturbance
  • Abnormality in kidneys
  • Liver disturbance
  • Attack of plague or presence of tartar in the teeth

cat bad breath

Symptoms supporting the bad breath:

If along with bad breath, your cat is revealing the following symptoms then it means that it’s time to schedule an appointment with a vet.

  • If your cat is drooling all the time and has lost its appetite then you need to check its teeth. If you detect dark brown tartar resting on its teeth and/or the gums are swollen and dark red then it means that your cat has some serious dental issues.
  • If your cat is drinking lots of fluids and is urinating a lot then do check for the smell of its breath. If the breath smells of sweet items or sweet fruits then its means that your cat’s diabetic.
  • If the bad breath of your cat reminds you of the stinky smell of urine then it might mean that you cat is suffering from kidney issues.
  • If your cat is not eating its food, is vomiting along with extremely strong smell and its eyes seem yellow then it means that your cat might be suffering from liver issues.
  • If your cat is rubbing its paw at its mouth and seems uncomfortable then it also means that there is something seriously wrong with its health.

How can we diagnose and treat cat bad breath?

It’s best to get an appointment with a reliable vet as soon as possible. The vet will first have a physical exam of your cat and if necessary he will also suggest some medical tests. If the cat bad breath is due to the dental issues then the vet would try to eliminate those issues through dental treatment or oral medicines.  If the cat bad breath is occurring due to other health issues or infections then the vet is going to eliminate those issues by suggesting antibiotics.

cat bad breath

How to prevent cat bad breath in the future?

Cat bad breath can easily be prevented in the future by brushing your cat’s teeth on a regular basis, having regular dental checkups and providing your cat with healthy diet.

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