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How To Treat A Puncture Wound On A Cat?

When you have a pet cat it is compulsory that you must be familiar that how to treat a puncture wound on a cat. Every cat has a habit of playing and moving places which are at height and these things sometimes become cause of injury for your cat. To avoid any mishap there are some precautionary measures and steps which must be followed for the treatment of wounds at home.

First aid box:

Always keep the first aid box ready with the first aid supplies so that in case of any emergency it will be easy to handle the situation. The box should include:

  • Favorite treat for cat
  • Scissors
  • Soap
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Several large towels
  • Guaze

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Steps for the treatment

Step 1: Secure your cat

It’s a habit of cat to bite and scratch when it is in pain or frightened, so wrap your cat in the towel to keep it still when you are going to give an immediate first aid. Actually, wrapping the cat in the towel is a technique which is used by many vets. Another way to hold the cat is by the scruff of its neck because the towel can interfere with the access to the wound.how to treat a puncture wound on a cat

Step 2: Examine the wound

See the wound carefully and make it sure that the wound is not deeper or serious and if it is serious then you might visit a vet for the proper care treatment.

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Step 3: Clean the area

Clean the affected area with the water or with any antiseptic solution. Rinse the injured area with water for several times, you can use any antibacterial soap because it works as antisepectic solution. If the wound is minor then its better to leave it uncovered because minor wounds heals easily when they are uncovered.

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Step 4: Keep an eye on the wound

Keep an eye on the cat and watch that if the wound is healing or not. If you see the area is getting infected and there is no sign of healing then go to the vet for a proper treatment.

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  • If the injuries are left untreated it can give a worse result so it should be treated on time.
  • An emergency vet trip is required if there is any sign of limping or tenderness.
  • If the cat is bleeding and you are not able to see veteranian treatment then press the wound to stop the bleeding pressure.
  • Always have a close look to the cat’s body for any additional wound.
  • Keep the cat in a clean place while the wound is healing because the environment can infect the wound again and there are chances of abscesses or pus-filled pockets.

If these steps are followed then many of the injuries can be healed at home with spending a single penny. These are the best steps to learn how to treat a puncture wound on a cat.

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