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stop dog not to dig

How to train your pet dog not to dig?

How to train your pet not to dig is the question asked by many pets’ owners. It is very important to develop a well balanced behavior in your dog. Below mentioned tips are very useful for stopping your dog from digging. We hope that these training tips can work for you and help you adopting them in a better way.

Keep them away from boredom:

Some dogs use to dig just because they are bored. You should try to keep them busy in some activities so that they could not feel the boredom. Try to play with them different pet games or take them outside. You can do any possible thing with them in order to keep them active and busy. In this way, dog will never have time to dig or bark at all.

Make the area difficult to dig:

It is very easy to train dog not to dig holes in different areas of the house. Observe your dog and the area which he/she uses to dig. When your dog is away, try to fill that area with some pieces of rock or with some stones. In this way it will be difficult for a dog to dog this place because of hard stones and rock pieces. After some time, your dog will leave this digging habit for sure.

Conditioning your dog:

stop dog not to dig

Try to condition your dog whenever he digs. Give him a kind of minor punishment when he is about to dig. Repeat this at the same time when he tries to dig. Soon your dog will learn not to dig and will remind the punishment before he goes for digging. This process is also known as conditioning where dog owners condition their dogs with some rewards or some punishments. So, conditioning your dog will train dog not to dig in yards or other areas in the home.

Change the environment:

Changing of the environment can also be very helpful in this regard. Normally, dog owners do not restrict the area for their pet dogs. This is the main reason behind digging. You should restrict the area and keep them in such an area where digging is not possible. In this way, their digging habit will soon come to an end. Construction of a sandbox is best solution for this purpose.

Keep your dog away from escaping:

Sometimes, when you restrict the area for your dog then they try to escape from that restricted area. In order to solve this problem, you should keep your pet in some enclosed area where escape is not possible at all. This way you can stop dog from digging under fence.

Avoid keeping them near garden:

stop dog not to dig

Dogs usually use to dig in some muddy area. If you keep your dog in your garden then he is more likely to dig that freshly tilled earth. Try to keep them away from your garden. If keeping the dog away is not possible for you then try to make the garden mud fill with different hard substances. This is how to train a dog not to dog in the garden.

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