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my cat has a fever

How To Tell If My Cat Has A Fever?

If you own a dog or a cat then it is your primary responsibility to take care of the health of your pet. If your pet is down with fever then you must instantly attend to the issue and try to eliminate the root-cause of the fever. But first you need to detect whether your pet is suffering from the fever or not. Whether it’s a dog or a cat, detecting fever in your pet seems like a complicated task. If you are confused about how to tell if my cat has a fever then by keeping in mind the below mentioned points, you can easily cross this hurdle.

How to tell the difference between normal body temperatures and elevated body temperature?

In order to understand the methods through which we can detect the presence of fever in a cat or dog we must first understand the meaning of fever. Fever is the elevated body temperature, which is more than the normal temperature of your body. If you possess a dog then you must bear it in mind that the normal temperature of a dog is around 101.5 F. It will also be termed as normal if there is a plus or minus of 1 degree F in this temperature. If we measure the normal body temperature in the terms of degree Celsius then it will be 38.5 C with a minus or plus of around 1 degree C. If the temperature of dog has reached at least 103F or 39.5C then it means that your dog is suffering from fever.

My Cat Has A Fever

The normal temperature of a cat in the terms of degree F is 100.5F, with the plus or minus of 1 degree F. And when it comes to degree Celsius then 38.0 C with a plus or minus of around 1 degree C is understood as normal body temperature. If your cat reveals the body temperature of at least 39C or 102F then it means that your cat is suffering from fever.

How to measure the temperature of your pet?

The easiest and most simple way to measure the body temperature of your dog is with the help of a rectal digital thermometer which can easily be purchased at cheap rates. Next you will need a lubricant such as a petroleum jelly so you can lubricate the thermometer before inserting it into the rectum of your dog. Just slightly push the thermometer in the initial part of the rectum, there is no need to push it deeper inside. Next you need to wait for 30 seconds or a minute.

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You must also keep in mind to observe the behavior of your pet in order to understand whether it is suffering from fever or something else. For instance, if we talk about the dog then most of the dogs start feeling down and lazy. They stop their routine activities and just like to lie around all day. They even stop eating and barking. You can also detect the fever by touching different body parts of your pet such as the ears of a dog get really hard and groin heats up during the fever. So all you need to do is to keep your eyes open and observe.

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