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How To Stop Puppy Biting – Do It Yourself

Many puppy owners look for the answer to the query how to stop puppy biting? Biting habit is very usual in many puppies which irritates not only the dog owner but also harmful for the rest of the society when the puppy is out with you. You can stop your puppy biting habit by following the below mentioned steps:


Very first as well as important tip in this regard is to react consistently. You should react very consistently to each and every puppy bite. Say big NO to your little canine in very firm voice and walk away. Try to give your puppy some minor punishments whenever he bites. Time outs as well as social isolation are regarded as very effective when it comes to punishment. Yelping can also be considered when a puppy bites your very hard.

Keep him away from kids:

Normally, it is seen that puppies use to bite kids. It is so because kids run, shriek and sometimes flap hands near the puppy. This will cause puppies to bite them. So, in order to know how to train a puppy not to bite, try to keep him away from your kids.

Taste deterrent:


A very reliable taste deterrent is very good in this regard. Apply any good quality taste deterrent on your hands as well as on your feet. In this way, whenever your puppy plays with you, he will taste it. By doing so daily, your puppy will know the taste and stop biting you. If you keep on repeating this thing then your puppy will never ever bite anyone. Common taste deterrents include tea tree oil, bitter apple and white vinegar.

Rewarding your puppy:

Praise your puppy whenever he does not bite. Try to give your cute puppy some treats. Homemade cookies will be best in this regard.

Try to keep him engaged:

engaged dog

Keeping the puppy engage in some activities is also very helpful in training a puppy not to bite. Give him some teething toys. Your puppy will soon keep himself engage in playing with these toys.

Avoid rough playing:

Avoid rough playing with your puppy. Rough playing is considered as a major element that causes a puppy to bite others. You should avoid this type of playing. Prevent your kids also by doing so.

Playing tug with your puppy:


Normally, dog owners use to play tug with their dogs or puppies in order to stop them from biting others. But you should not let your kids to do so unless there is an adult near them. For this purpose, try to teach each and every rule of this game to your pet. Whenever your kids want to play tug with the puppy, keep yourself also near your kids. It is so for any kind of emergency case. So do not let your children play tug with the puppy alone in the absence of any adult.

Using water spray:


Water spray bottle is also capable of stop puppy biting others. When your puppy is with you and you feel that he is about to bite you, spray the water all over the puppy especially on his mouth. In this way, the puppy will let himself away from your suddenly.

Avoid his biting habit:

Avoiding can also do wonders. Avoid your puppy whenever he bites you. If you do this on frequent basis then your puppy will soon learn that the biting behavior is not good as well as acceptable at all. In this way you can stop puppy from biting for sure.

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