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cat aggression

How To Realize And Release Cat Aggression?

Cat is a social animal. Every cat tends to behave in a different way. Cats love to play with other cats and during their play they tend to display various types of behaviors towards other cats and fellow pets. Sometimes cat display rough behavior while playing with other cats and humans think that they are showing aggression. This type of aggression is known as fake aggression. But it doesn’t mean that cats display fake aggression every time they play. They can also display real aggression towards fellow cats or strange human beings if they are frightened. Before finding the treatment for cat aggression, it’s best to find out the causes and nature of the aggression displayed by your cat.

How to detect cat aggression?

Most of the cats don’t display their aggression on a routine basis. If a cat starts displaying aggression at every little issue then it means that your cat needs help. Most of the cats display aggression when:

  • They sense fear
  • Their life is in danger
  • They sense the smell or hear the voice of a strange cat or human being
  • They seek the attention of their master
  • They feel lonely

cat aggression

If you are not able to differentiate between the normal playful behavior and aggressive behavior of your cat then this little tip might help you decide:

TIP-When the cat is aggressive it will make various dangerous sounds from its mouth such as hissing, growling or roaring. Along with these sounds the cat will also continue its acts of scratching, biting or spitting.

How to treat cat aggression?

If your cat is showing the symptoms of severe aggression then its best to devise few strategies in order to treat your cat at home.

Getting prey toys:

Providing your cat with the prey toys will provide it with the idea that it has to practice its aggression on the toys. You need to provide your cat with small moving, dangling or swimming toys. Your cat would love to follow these toys all around the day. Not only will it follow these toys but it will also practice its hunting strategies on these toys. Getting fake mice, small cars or such moving items will be great for your cat. If you can’t find moving toys then get a dangling item or hanging toy for your cat.

prey toys

Spend time with your cat:

If your cat is a part of your family then you also have to dedicate a part of your life to your cat. Playing for a few minutes every day with your cat is going to eliminate the aggression from its personality. You can easily spend the morning time with your cat playing “throw n fetch”. Throwing attractive things at a distance away from you will make your cat understand that it must not display its aggression on its master. If the cat is feeling aggressive then it must reveal its aggression on non-living things.

Spend time with your cat

Get a companion for your cat:

If after trying the above mentioned strategies, your cat is still showing aggression then its best to get a companion for your cat i.e. bringing home another cat of the same breed is going to treat the aggression of your first cat.

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