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How To Prevent Pet Allergies Without Medication?

Only the people allergic to pet dander can tell you about the irritation and pain they have to face while encountering a pet. Pet allergies are becoming quite common but the issue is that they cannot be treated properly. You can only say that in the case of pet allergies prevention is better than cure. If you are thinking about how to prevent pet allergies then here are a few precautionary measures that you can easily follow in order to prevent it.

If you or any of your family members are allergic to pet dander then obviously you have to send your pet away from your house, which can be emotionally painful for you. Instead of sending your pet way from your house, you must first try these steps in order to minimize the effects of allergens. If still you can sense no difference then you should consider about sending the pet away.

  • Keep pets outdoor

The very first thing that you can do is to keep pets out of your home. You can keep the pets restricted to the grounds or you can keep them inside the pets shed. If due to any reason, you are unable to keep the pet out of the house then the least you can do is to keep it out of the bedroom. If there is wall-to-wall carpeting inside the house then you must replace it with wooden flooring. You must also advice the kids to wash their hands with soap, every time they come into contact with the pets.

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  • Make couch a no-pet zone

Bear it in mind to keep pets away from couch, bedding, carpet and other fabric-related material. You can also use allergen-proof bed sheets and other bedding items if your pet tends to enter your bedroom every now and then. And try to wash your bedding items, rugs, blankets after every few days in order to minimize the danger of dander allergy. You must also vacuum the carpet on regular basis.

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  • Keep the house clean

You must keep the house clean at all costs. Although this would require constant effort but it is much better than suffering the attacks of pet allergies. You must do the dusting, mop the floors, do the vacuum on carpeted area to get rid of pet hair and dirt, etc. Although carpets are the biggest source of pet allergies and vacuuming is not going to be that much effective but still it’s better than nothing. If you keep your pets out of the house in yard they might get fleas and ticks. Therefore, keep an eye on them and use a flea shampoo for your dog while grooming.

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  • Keep your pet clean

If you bathe your pet on a regular basis then the chances are that the allergens flying from its dander get less effective. A recent research suggested that if animals are bathed with allergen-reducing shampoo then their allergens fall to a very low level but the researchers have also noticed a disturbing fact. According to the researchers, the allergens rise back to their normal level after the period of three to four days so if you have a pet at home then you must bathe it after every three days.

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Another thing that you can do is to keep the bedding and cages of your pet clean. You must clean or wash them on a regular basis. Following these steps will definitely improve your chances of beating the pet allergies.

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