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chewy cat food

How to prepare chewy cat food in an easy way?

Being a cat owner brings lots of joy to one’s life. You get to feed your cat, you get to train your cat and you get to play with your cat. Most of the cat behaviors are similar to humans or kids. If you have raised a kid and kept a cat at home at the same time then definitely you can tell the similarity in the behavior of your kid and cat. Just like kids, cats also like to be treated with goodies when they do something good or behave nicely.

You can easily treat your cat with chewy cat food at such occasions.  Although there are many readymade chewy cat food items available in the market but due to allergy and stomach acidity issues most of the cat owners like to prepare the chewy treats for their cats at home. If you are also in search of a recipe for a chewy treat for your cat then here is a really nice recipe for you.

Homemade chewy cat food:

Before preparing this food, you must keep in mind that these chewy treats can just be provided as side food items. You cannot feed your cat with these goodies hoping that they will fulfill his hunger and nutritional needs.



  • One large sized egg
  • 14 ounce baby food of brown rice and jar chicken (the main idea is to add something in meat form; you can also add wet cat food that is available in cans.)
  • One fourth cup chopped parsley
  • Olive oil-two teaspoons
  • Water-two table spoons
  • Brown rice flour-one cup
  • Brown or white rice in cooked form-half cup
  • Extra wet cat food-one large spoon or
  • Catnip-one tablespoon

chewy cat food


You need to preheat the oven at 325 degree but first you need to adjust the rack in the middle shelf slide of the oven. Next you need to take a parchment paper and line the baking sheet with it. Put the baking sheet in the side after lining it with the parchment paper.

Now you need to take a medium sized bowl, add baby food, egg, olive oil, some water and parsley in the bowl. You can also add wet cat food instead of baby food in the mixture. Next you need to add some cooked white or brown rice and then add brown rice flour in this mixture. You need to stir it until it all turns into a beautifully blended mixture. When you feel that the mixture has turned thick but still its spreadable then you need to stop stirring.


Now you need to bake this mixture. In order to bake it first you must evenly spread the mixture in the pre-ready baking sheet. The mixture must be spread in the shape of a rectangle and it must contain the density of around 1/3 of an inch.

You need to bake the mixture for almost twelve to fifteen minutes. After that you need to take out the baked mixture from the oven, leave it for a while to cool down, slice the baked mixture into small sized pieces and again put it into the oven. Let it again bake for 8 to 10 minutes and then take it out. After the pieces have cooled down, you can keep them in the airtight box for longer life. It is best if you keep them in the fridge.

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