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how To Paper Train A Puppy

How To Paper Train A Puppy? Step By Step Training

If you are adopting a newly born puppy then it means that you are shouldering the responsibility to take the complete care of another living being. A puppy requires the same amount of attention that you provide to your own kids. Every mother knows that potty training her baby is the toughest part of a mother’s life, same is the case with puppies. How to paper train a puppy seems like the most complicated adventure for parent family of every puppy.

What is paper training?

If we put it simply then not many years ago, most of the people tend to use worn-out newspapers to mark the litter areas inside an enclosed space for their puppies to potty train them. But instead of newspapers, nowadays people go for different attractive paper type items that are available on various pet shops to encourage their dogs.

The biggest issues with puppies is that unless you toilet train them, they will pee all around the house. So using a paper is going to help them understand that they have to stop peeing everywhere and litter only on the paper set aside by their masters. If you successfully paper train your puppies then training them for the toilet is going to become very easy.

how To Paper Train A Puppy

How to paper train-easy steps:

  • First of all you must create a personal space or room or specific lawn area for your puppy where your puppy would be allowed to wander when he is not watched by you. You must make this space puppy friendly by settling his utensils, his bed and his toys in this space.
  • Next you need to arrange the paper pieces all around the space. The main idea is that during the first few days, your puppy won’t be able to understand the difference between the normal floor and paper so he is going to pee wherever he would feel the need. That’s why having paper pads everywhere will keep the space clean.
  • You must keep the area clean by picking up the dirty paper pads and replacing them with the clean ones as soon as possible.
  • After every few days, you must decrease one paper pad at a time. Don’t worry! the dog would have developed the habit of peeing only on paper. Although he will play on the paper-free area but whenever he will feel the need to pee, he will rush towards the area covered with paper pads.
  • One by one you need to remove all the pads. Keep in mind never to place the paper pads near the eating or sleeping area of your puppy.
  • Select a specific term to order your puppy to pee. You must also encourage your puppy by rewarding him with a little toy or treat.
  • Slowly you must increase the duration of between the toilet visits of your puppy so he must also learn to hold it when he is in any other place.
  • If you want your puppy to pee inside the toilet or any other place then you must put the last pad of paper in the space.

After your puppy has developed the habit of peeing in your desired area then you can also remove the last paper pad from that area. Always remember that in order to toilet train your puppy successfully, you must develop a great level of patience.

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