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How To Make Raw Cat Food Recipe At Home?

Taking care of your beloved cat’s food is not an easy task as it requires a lot of research, effort and dedication. Especially when there is a lot of war going on between the people from different group of thoughts regarding which type of cat food is beneficial for your cat. Vets claim that ready-made cat food is the best as it contains all the essential nutrients in a balanced form. While the cat owners are of the opinion that homemade cat food is best as it’s more nutritious and hygienic than the ready-made cat food. Now a new concept about raw cat food is arising because most of the people think that raw food is very beneficial for cat’s health. If you don’t know how to try it and are searching for a recipe then an easy raw cat food recipe is mentioned below for your cat.

Precautionary measures:

Before you move forward with this recipe, you need to bear it in mind that providing raw food to your cat can be a greatest source of animal to human germ transmission. As raw food mostly contains animal meat so you need to be very careful while handling it. Most of the cat owners have been providing their cats with raw food and confidently claim that they haven’t faced a single issue of germ transmission from the animals because they prepared the food in a very careful manner.

1st Recipe (including bones):

Below mentioned recipe has been created after the complete consultation with a registered veterinary doctor. The ingredients of this recipe are enough to feed your cat for almost two weeks.


  • Rabbit or whole fowl-three pounds (you must include all the organs, skin and bones)
  • Eggs-two (the egg whites should be slightly cooked and yolk should be kept in raw form)
  • Wild Salmon oil- at least 2000mg
  • Vitamin E- 400 IU (you can also add the powdered vitamin E available in the capsules)
  • Vitamin B-complex-100mg (you need to be very careful while adding vitamin B-complex in the raw food. As it has very strong and irritating smell so you need to add it in very little amount in order to prevent your cat from disliking the smell of the raw food.)
  • Taurine-2000mg (must be added in powdered form)
  • Iodized lite salt-3/4 teaspoon
  • Liver-four ounces (Liver must only be included if the organs of the animal have not been included in the food)
  • Psyllium (it must be included the very first time you are feeding your cat with the raw food)

raw cat food

2nd Recipe (excluding Bones):

Although including bones in the diet is important for the cats as it will fulfill the calcium requirements of your cat and make his bones stronger. But you can also provide him with a different recipe, without bones, occasionally just for a change.


  • Raw muscle meat-1400 grams
  • Raw heart-400 grams
  • Raw liver-seven ounces
  • Bonemeal-9.25 teaspoon
  • Water-two cups
  • Gelatin-two tablespoons
  • Egg yolks-four ( in raw form)
  • Glandular supplement-four capsules
  • Salmon oil-4000mg
  • Vitamin E – 800 IU
  • Vitamin –B-50 complex-200mg
  • Lite salt- 1 to 1.5 teaspoon

cat raw food

Method (for both of the recipes):

Cut the meat in small pieces after removing almost half skin. Don’t grind the meat, just cut it and put it on the side for later use. If you are using bones then you need to grind them along with raw liver, raw heart, and skin. Put the mixture in the fridge to cool down after grinding it.

Add water in a bowl and then mix the remaining ingredients in the water. You must not add meat yet and add the psyllium in the end. Now you need to mix this mixture with the minced meat and the meat chunks.

After mixing, you need to put the mixture into freezing boxes and freeze the food. Defrost the food in warm water whenever you want to feed the cat.


Never defrost or heat the food in the microwave oven before serving.

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