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How To Make A Splint For A Cat?

Cats can easily get into fight with other cats or they can easily get into an accident due to their restless nature. Cat owners must remain prepared for any sort of incident with their cat. So if your cat comes home with a broken leg then instead of worrying or panicking, it’s best to prepare yourself to cope with the situation. You must take your cat to the vet but first you must splint its leg in order to avoid further damage. If you don’t know how to make a splint for a cat then these guidelines are going to prove very useful for you.

Things to keep in mind before splinting cat’s leg:

You must keep in mind that splinting is not useful for healing the broken leg but the benefit of splinting is that it avoids  further damage to the broken by avoiding dislocation. When you will take your cat to the vet, the vet will expertly move the bone to its original place and then apply the permanent cast. Your cat will need a rest of few weeks and then the bone will heal. After the complete recovery, the vet will remove the cast and your cat’s leg will return to normal. Whatever you do, don’t ever try to re-attach the bones for yourself because performing such action might make matters worse for your cat.

You must follow the following steps in order to splint a cat’s leg.

  • You must make certain preparations before settling your cat on the recovery table because once you put your hands on the cat; you won’t be able to make these preparations.

how to make a splint for a cat

  • First of all you need to unpack all the bandages. Next you must arrange the bandages on the table so you can easily make a grab for them when you feel the need.

cat splint

  • You must also arrange gauze bandage, adhesive tape used for dressing, cotton wool, splint, cotton wadding, etc on the table but you must keep in mind to arrange them in the order of requirement. You must also make some wool rolls for your cat.

splints for cats

  • Handling the cat might not be an easy task so it’s best to seek help from a friend or a family member. Next you need to settle the cat on the recovery table but care must be taken regarding the positioning of your cat as the leg of your cat needs to be in front of you.

Splint For A Cat

  • Putting a towel over your cat’s head might help it calm down and feel secure. So if your cat is not settling down then you can also use this strategy.
  • You must adjust the wool rolls in between the toes of your cat.

splint bandage

  • Next you need to wrap the first layer of the bandage that you have prepared for this purpose.
  • You must keep in mind not to wrap the bandage too tightly.
  • When you have wrapped the bandage, you must close its end by thrusting it inside the previous loop.

bandaging and splinting

  • Adjust the plastic splint that supports your cat’s arm from elbow to the end of the arm.
  • You must fix the splint on cat’s leg with the help of dressing adhesive tape.

how to splint

  • At the end, you must secure your cat’s leg with wadding roll.

homemade splint

After following this procedure, you must keep your cat as much comfortable as you can.

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