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How To Make A Cat Tree Tips At Home

Keeping a cat in the house seems like the most fun part of one’s life as cats are really cute creatures. Most of the people think that cats are mysterious creatures and love to keep their privacy. This statement is true for most of the cats. According to the latest research on cat psychology, cats are known to be extremely lazy and secretive creatures that love to keep their space. If you have a cat in your house then having a cat tree in the house is a basic necessity for your cat. If you are wondering about how to make a cat tree in the house at lowest cost possible then below are mentioned some steps that will guide you through the procedure.

Points to ponder:

Before creating a cat tree at home you need to consider some important points such as:

  • You financial limitations. Cat tree can range from low cost to extremely high cost luxurious cat trees. Nowadays different types of cat trees are also available in the market with various decorative items and items of interest for your cat. So, if you are building a cat tree at home then first consider your financial budget and then make the start.
  • Next you need to understand the mood and personality of your cat. If your cat is playful and active then you need to create an adventurous cat tree for your cat but if your cat is lazy and likes to sleep more often then you need to create a cozy and comfortable cat tree for your cat.
  • Considering the cat’s age is also another important factor that helps in shaping the design of a cat tree. If you have a kitten then definitely you need to add toy-like attractions inside the cat tree but if you have a mature cat then you just need to keep the cat tree simple. Keep in mind that if your cat is very old then you also need to add climbing steps on the cat tree to make it easily accessible.

cat tree

How to make a cat tree?

Making a cat tree is not a very tough task as it just requires proper planning and following that planning step by step.

  • First of all, you need to create a proper design of your cat tree by keeping mind the above mentioned considerations. You must take complete measurements of the area where you are going to place the cat tree plus you also need to keep your building skills in mind. If this is your first time at building a cat tree then you must not go for a complex design.
  • Next you need to buy the required material such as drill, electric stapler, wood screws, hammer, table saw, utility knife, etc.
  • Next you need to cut the wooden sheets and prepare other required material. You can also gain guidance from various books or websites focused on DIY cat tree.
  • First you have to create a base of your cat tree and then cover that base with the carpet in order to make it comfortable for your cat.
  • Next you need to attach in the wooden supports in a vertical format to the base and create different storeys of the cat tree by adding horizontal bases on these vertical supports.

making cat tree

At the last you just need to add decorations according to your understanding and your cat’s interest. A cozy and attractive cat tree is ready for your cat.

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  2. There actually seems to be a lot more to cat trees than I previously considered. I was purely looking at size, but you really need to look at what your cat likes and the different spaces available. I just really need someplace where my cat can get all his energy out and sharpen his claws on something other than my furniture. Thanks for all this awesome information to think about with cat trees!

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