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How to Know When to Put a Dog to Sleep

How To Know When To Put A Dog To Sleep?

Putting your dog to sleep means to euthanize your dog. Euthanize is a Greek word which means an easy death. Euthanasia is not performed because the world does not want the dog anymore but this assisted death is performed to relieve your dog for suffering and pain he is going through. When the time comes your vet gives an overdose of anaesthesia to your dog by injecting it in the vein. After this injection your dog who has been suffering from a badly disease or is badly hurt falls a sound sleep after 30 seconds it becomes unconscious and passes away.

It is generally a painful act of putting your dog to rest forever but the dog dies a peaceful death through this. To give your ailing dog a sound sleep forever you need to take help from your vet about how to know when to put a dog to sleep before he dies painfully himself.

Here are the signs that you should be aware of to put your dog down to sleep:

  • Primary signs

If your dog is unable to stand and stumbles while trying to stand, or says no to food or water or anything then these are the basic signs to know that it is the time.

How to Know When to Put a Dog to Sleep

  • Contact friends and family

If you still cannot manage to figure out the problem then seek for the advice of the people you trust such as your friends or family would be the one to trust.

  • No other option

It is the time when you recognize that all your efforts are useless you have tried everything surgery medication check up all of that but there is still no sign of cure then give yourself courage to stand the pain and go to your vet as he will tell you if it is going to be euthanasia or a natural death.

  • Surrender and relief

Now that you know it is not in your hands anymore. Surrender your efforts to the decision of fate and give your dog relief from the pain if it is going to be euthanasia.

  • Time is money

It is always said that it is better to be a week too early than a minute too late. Same is the case with the dog when it comes to put your dog down to sleep. Decide it before time whether you want an at-home euthanasia or in the vet’s clinic. Make arrangements in time and inform your vet too.

  • Humane euthanasia protocol

Ask your vet to put your dog to sleep through “humane euthanasia protocol” as it is generally the most effective and acceptable way of putting your dog to rest. Your vet should inject barbiturate as these drugs would stop the animal’s heart and within 30 seconds without pain your dog dies.

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