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How To Keep Your Dog Healthy

How To Keep Your Dog Healthy With Natural Home Remedies

Up till now we were under the impression that food only serves the purpose of satisfying the hunger. But now it has been proved that apart from satisfying hunger, food can also be used for many other purposes.  If your dog is facing little health issues at home then instead of going for medicines, using routine food items can also work wonders for you. Here is a list of some of the health remedies that are going to be beneficial for your dog and they can easily be performed with easy-to-find food items present in almost every kitchen.

Treat fleas these amazing home remedies:

  • Fleas are a biggest issue for your pet. Pets tend to reduce the flea-irritation by scratching themselves. Now fleas can easily b treated with the help of a little sourness from the orange juice or lemon juice citrus. All you need to do is to dab a little amount of orange or lemon juice on the body of your dog.
  • Fleas can also be treated with the help of brewer’s yeast. All you need to do is to mix little garlic with a little amount of brewer’s yeast and add this mixture into the dry dog food. Repeating this procedure on regular basis will keep the fleas away from your doggy.

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  • The biggest home remedy to beat fleas is “WATER”. All you need to do is to fill a tub with fresh water and let your doggy sit in it. You can also apply some organic shampoo and rub your pet’s skin in a delicate manner. Rinse off the shampoo properly.

ways to keep your dog healthy

  • You must keep in mind that if you will keep the house clean then you can easily beat the fleas. So just mop the floors, vacuum the carpeted area and dry-clean the blankets on regular basis. You must also clean your dog’s sleeping place daily in order to minimize the risk of fleas.

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  • Essential oils are also helpful when it comes to treating the fleas. All you need to do is to rub a few drops of Rose Geranium oil on the collar of your dog. This trick will help keep the fleas away from your dog’s body.

Keep your dog’s feet healthy by following these easy steps:

  • Most of the dogs feel severe discomfort when their paws come into contact with harsh snow during the winters. You can easily protect your dog in such condition by covering your dog’s paws with a pair of booties.
  • Sometimes dogs feel irritation in their paws after a long walk. If this is the case then just check their paws comfortably and wash the paws with lukewarm water after removing all the dirt and alien objects from the paw. Massage the paws with a moisturizer or if there is any sort of scratch or wound on the paw then rub some anti-biotic ointment on the paw and cover it up with bandage.

How to treat itch?

You can easily treat the dog’s itch with the help of chamomile tea. Just prepare some tea and secure it in a spray bottle after cooling it down. You can spray it on your dog’s body four to six times a day. You will notice the difference in two to three days.

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