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How To Keep Puppy From Eating Poop

How To Keep Puppy From Eating Poop?

Pets tend to develop different types of habits. Some of them seem harmless and tend to go away with the passage of time but some of the habits seem irritating and don’t tend to go away easily. Most of the dog owners complain about the poop-eating habit of their puppies which seems like a very irritating habit. Poop-eating or coprophagy is a very usual behavior for any puppy but the issue is that how to keep puppy from eating poop? This behavior might seem gross to many dog owners but it can be treated if the underlying cause is properly diagnosed and eliminated. You must understand that if your puppy is keeping any peculiar habit then there might be a rock solid reason behind that habit.

How to behave when your puppy eats poop?

The thing that you must keep in mind is that if your puppy is eating poop in front of you then you must not panic. Panicking or shouting at your puppy to stop it from eating poop might make the matter worse. You must treat this matter in a calm and peaceful way. Another thing that you must also keep in mind is that you must never ignore any bad habit of your puppy. Because if you will ignore it then the chances are that the bad habit is going to turn into a permanent habit.

How To Keep Puppy From Eating Poop

Why your dog is eating poop?

There are many reasons behind this habit. The biggest of all reasons is that poop-eating is a natural habit among the female dogs when they become mothers. A female dog when becomes mother, tends to eat the poop of her babies. She follows this act for two reasons:

  • She wants to keep her puppies and her home clean.
  • She wants to protect her puppies from any enemies by eating their poop and eliminating all sources carrying the smell of her puppies (the smell of a puppy might attract any predator towards it).

How To Keep Puppy From Eating Poop

Puppies upon seeing that their mother is eating poop, start following her lead and eat the poop too. This habit is present in all puppies whether they are living in wild or in a peaceful home. If you want to eliminate this habit from your puppies then its best to start as soon as possible. Try to keep your puppies clean and instantly clean up their place after they have pooped so they don’t get the chance to eat it. If you repeat this procedure daily without any break then the chances are that your puppies are going to ditch this habit soon.

Some of the other reasons due to which the puppies develop the habit of eating poop are:

  • The digestive system of your puppy is not working properly.
  • Your puppy might be eating poop because he feels bored.
  • Your puppy might eat poop to relieve any sort of stress he feels.
  • Your puppy doesn’t get required amount of food so he eats poop to satisfy his hunger.
  • Your puppy eats poop because he likes to eat it.

If your puppy has a digestive issue then you need to contact your vet and have it treated. If your puppy feels bored, stressed or seeks attention then you must try to engage your puppy in various activities in order to eliminate the habit of poop-eating. If your puppy is hungry then its best to improve its diet and if he likes to eat poop then its best to not give him the chance to eat poop. In order to eliminate the habit of poop-eating, first you must eliminate the reason behind this habit.

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  1. Dogs eat their own poop because sometimes there is still some food in it.This means the food isn’t fully digested. But it is a bad habit and i would not recommend anyone to ignore it. They could get worms and then the cost you at the vet.
    If you happen to see your pet eating its own poop, you should try to communicate and let it know that it is not a good thing thing to do. PS Never yell at your pets, if you do not know how to address the situation i suggest you study or watch a few videos about dog behaviors.

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