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dogs and cats living together

How To Introduce Cats To Dogs?

When you already have a dog at home and thinking of getting a cute cat as a pet then it will be a great challenge for you because it is not possible to make two enemies live together under the same roof. As cat and dog both are considered the worst enemies so you will require a lot of things to learn before adopting a cat when you are having a dog at home. If you thinking letting the cat and dog meet in the room then you are taking yourself and your pets in trouble. But before doing this if you learn how to introduce cats to dogs techniques and tricks then you may success in you mission of keeping both of them in the same place.

There are different things that must be done while introducing them to each other and before introducing them to each other. If you succeed in learning how to introduce a cat to dog, it will make yours and your pet’s life easier.

  • Make the pet obedient

If your dog or cat does not know and follow your commands then first make them learn to follow your commands. This practice is a very important phase because if the dog or cat both will listen to your command, it will help you while introducing them to each other. For this practice give treats to your pets, it will motivate them and they will learn quickly. When you give them treats, it will help your dog when such a strong distraction will be in front of it.

how to introduce cats to dogs

  • Meeting

After giving the practice of obedience, go for a meeting of your pet dog and cat but this meeting should be under your observation. Keep the dog in your control by holding leash and giving treats and ask one of your family members to come with the cat and sit in front of the dog. During this process try to keep the dog’s mood relaxed by giving treats of its choice. It will make the dog familiar with the cat’s smell and after few short meetings it will start getting used to the cat existence.

dogs and cats living together

  • Let them meet liberally

Now it is the time to let your cat meet the dog, let them explore each other but the dog still should be on leash in the same time. Keep giving your dog treats it will keep him calm. If the dog moves from its position to grasp the cat, command him to come back and sit on the right place which is at a distance from the cat. And if he follows your command give it the treat again. In this way, both of them will start getting familiar with each other.

cats and dogs living together

Important note:

While having this introduction, it is the best choice if you go for an expert trainer of pets specially dogs which are available at your single call. Ask them to help you in training them to get used to of each other.

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