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introducing your dog to a new dog

How To Introduce A New Dog To Other Dogs?

A question of how to introduce a new dog to other dogs arises in the mind when you are going to bring another dog at home and it have to live with the existing dog. Introducing unfamiliar dog to the existing dog is a challenging situation for you and it may be a time taking process for you but this is not an impossible thing. You need to learn 4 major things before bringing it at home. They are mentioned below:

There are four easy steps with the help of which you can introduce your new dog with the existing dog. These 4 steps will give the answer to the question that how to introduce new dog to the other dogs.

  • Keep both dogs in different cages

For the first time make a stress free meeting of your pets and place two cages in separate areas. These cages will act as a training tool for you. Bring both of the dogs and let them spend some time in their cages in front of each other. Meanwhile, when both of them will have an eye to eye contact with each other they will also get familiar with smells which is very important for the dogs because if the dog already knows the smell of it, it will get used to it to its existence.

how to introduce a new dog

  • Let the new dog wander in the house

Let the dog know about the place and let it roam around the house. When it will roam around and have an exposure of the new place it will get used to the people of its surrounding. Before letting the dog go out to roam around the new place you must keep this thing in mind that the dog should be allowed to roam around for just 15-20 minutes and during this session the other dog must be kept in the cage.

introducing a new dog to your dog

  • Give time to existing dog

After letting the new dog to go out for letting him introduce itself to the environment, switch to the other dog and give it some treats and love otherwise it will start feeling ignored because of the existence of new dog. Allow it to sit on your lap or near to you when you are reading news paper or going for walk.

introducing a puppy to your dog

  • Face to face meeting

Now it is the time for both dogs to have a face to face meeting but this meeting should not be in a crowded place. It is because there are chances that the dogs start fighting. The place at the back side of your house, your backyard is good to perform this step. Keep both dogs with leash but do not think that leashes are enough for the security because leashes sometimes make the dogs lose their temper and causes aggression.

introducing your dog to a new dog


If you want to make this introduction safe for you and your pets then you should go for an expert pet trainer who can help you a lot with his expertise and make the dogs get used to it by using different kind of wise techniques.

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