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how to help a grieving dog

How To Help A Grieving Dog?

Like humans, dogs also display the signs of grief. These symptoms can occur due to various reasons including the death of any loved one or any sudden change in the life of your dog. Dogs tend to fall into serious depression when they are grieving due to any particular reason. If the grieving dog is not helped on time then the depression can also seriously disturb the health of that dog. If your dog is passing through a hard time then these simple techniques are going to teach you how to help a grieving dog and bring it back to normal.

When a dog is grieving then it may display the following symptoms:

  • Anorexia
  • Reduced water in-take
  • Not taking interest in physical activity
  • Not showing response towards games
  • Responding in a sluggish manner
  • Howling in a painful or heart-broken way

How to cope with your dog’s grief?

  • If your dog is displaying grieving behavior by throwing a tantrum then you must ignore it at the time and come at it later. For instance, if your dog has lost any dear one and starts crying every now and then, then you must ignore it when your dog is crying. Later on when your dog is in a peaceful mood, you must show affection towards your dog by patting your hand all over its body. Try to comfort your dog in every manner you can.

how to help a grieving dog

  • Try to maintain the routine of your dog and follow it strictly as you were following it before the grieving incident. If you play with your dog in the mornings and take it out for a walk in the evenings then strictly stick to this routine. Your dog will feel active and will start returning to the normal life.

dog in mourning

  • Your dog is going to show some serious changes in its behavior. If you have more than one dog then you must brace yourself for the irritation that the grieving dog will cause to the other dogs. Sometimes the dogs start over-reacting by performing any single act on daily basis. In such an instance, all you need to do is to keep calm and have patience.

mourning dog

  • Keeping your dog busy might help a lot. You need to organize different fun-filled games for your dog. You must also bring some unique and interesting toys for your little doggy so it can get its mind off the disturbing issue.

obama playing with dog

  • You must keep in mind that every dog is different from the other one and so it holds different interests. In order to keep your dog distracted from its issue, you must first find out about its interests and then use those interests to make your dog normal.

dog games

  • You must keep your pet’s health in your focus once your pet falls into the depression. Remember, depression attacks the physical health very quickly so if you register disturbing changes in the physical health of your pet then you should instantly take your dog to the vet.

help mourning dog

After mentioning all the practical points to drag your dog out of the grief we must again emphasize that it’s very important for you to be patient throughout the whole tenure.

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