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How To Groom A Maltese With Effective Ways?

The article includes guidelines on how to groom a maltese step by step and how to keep him clean and maintained forever. Once you are done with grooming your Maltese breed, both you and your breed will feel better living with each other forever.

Basic steps for grooming Maltese breed:

It includes everything about his bath, comb, and nail cutting and brushing his teeth. This will help you a lot in future. There are some basic steps that are involved in grooming your Maltese and maintaining its coat. Please have a look:

  • You should cut and file the nails of your breed. This is done after a warm bath. When you cut the nails on regular basis, only the tips will be needed to trim and file. The warm bath makes the nails soft and easier to cut. Also, by trimming the nails regularly, only the tips will require cutting and filing. Be careful while you are cutting the nails of your dog because it can cause bleeding in some cases. In this way the dog will be discomfort all the time.

grooming Maltese breed

  • Brush the teeth of your dog at least once a week; it will reduce the tartar from its teeth. You can use some recommended pet toothpaste and pet toothbrush to brush his teeth in a better way. What you need to do is simply put a little of toothpaste on the toothbrush and then start rubbing it against the front of the Maltese teeth. It is not always necessary to brush the back of the teeth. You can also buy a finger brush which is a small rubber based tooth brush that can be fitted over your finger.

how to groom a Maltese

  • Always clean your Maltese’s ears with some cotton swab. The ear cleaning procedure should be done after the bath. You can put some ear cleaning solution in his ear and then remove the excess wax.

clean your Maltese’s ears

  • At least once every day comb and brush your Maltese. It is necessary to make him look smart. If you do not comb his hair on a regular basis his hair will become rough and there will be dirt staying inside the hair. You should always use some metal comb or some slicker brush to comb your pet. Mix water and conditioner to moisten the hair of your Maltese. In this way, it will be easier to remove dirt from the hair without any harm.

brusing maltese

  • Trim the hair of ears of the Maltese to avoid any kind of infection in them. There are some blunt tweezers available in the market that can be used for this purpose.  The excess hair should also be plucked on time because they grow very fast in the ears.

triming matlese

These above steps on how to groom your Maltese at home can be applied to groom your Maltese in the best possible ways. These easy steps can make your breed completely clean and safe as well as healthy.

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