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cats cut like lions

How To Give A Cat A Lion Cut?

If your cat has a furry look, long hairs and you want to give her a lion cut then you can do it at home. Actually this is a good choice in the hot weather. In this type of hair cut cat’s body is shaved except the neck, head, mane, legs and tip of the tail all the hairs are removed. This style of hair cut is very famous and mostly used for Himalayans and Persian cats but this hair cut is also suitable with all the breeds that have long hairs. Here is how to give a cat a lion cut method step by step described.

Tools you need:

Make sure before starting the haircut you have all the things which are required for trimming and shaving and they are:

  • Trimmer
  • Scissors
  • Towel
  • Comb
  • Cat treats

cat lion cuts

Must to know:

There are some things which must be kept under consideration to give the cat a proper look of lion. Mostly people only leave the par of head and neck and cut all of the other hairs but it’s not a good idea for a proper lion look. The top of the legs should be shaved by leaving a hairy boot on the paws, leaving the fur on the tip of the tail and leaving the chest hairs unshaved which is called as mane.

Getting started:

Take the cat where you want to start its grooming. Make sure the area you are using is not near your kitchen because the hairs of the cat can cause hygiene problem afterward. Before starting the trim try to make the cat feel relax when you see cat is relaxed and ready for it then go for it but never force it to have a cut because it can make the situation worse. Start with a combing its hairs and then start shaving with the trimmer.

cats cut like lions

Why lion cut?

Sometimes it’s not about the look but some other factors can force you to give it a lion look, some are listed below:

  • Maintenance is easy

It’s not easy to maintain the long haired cats. They need a great deal of care every day, it requires fur to be brushed ever day or after few days with a shampoo wash. This much hassle is not possible for some people so they go for lion cut. If the cat is in a warm environment and is having a problem to exist in the warm weather then lion cut is the best choice as cats are very sensitive animals. It will allow some air to reach its skin, to keep its body temperature normal. In warm climate cats may develop hairballs if these hairballs are digested it can make the cat sick which may leads to vomiting or choking trimming the hairs in lion cut style eliminates this problem.

lion cut for a cat

Problem with the lion cut:

There are some problems that may rise for this hair cut. It is sometimes stressful for the cat to stay still while having the cut especially when people contact vets for the trim its better to have it at home because the cat is familiar with the place.

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