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how to get rid of cat dander

How To Get Rid Of Cat Dander?

People who have a pet cat mostly treat their cat as a part of their family but when this loved one becomes the source of dander which is an allergen for you then their health gets in danger. People think that these particles are hairs of cat but they are not. These furry particles are the part of cat’s skin that fell on the floor or sometime float in the air because they are very small in size and light in weight. That is why removing these particles become necessary for the sake of better health.

Steps for removing cat dander:

There are different steps for how to get rid of cat dander from your place. They are mentioned below:

Step 1: Before starting the cleaning process you must wear a mask and gloves especially if you are allergic to the dander. The mask will help you protect your lungs from the intake of cat dander.

how to get rid of cat dander

Step 2: If your cat has been sitting with you on your sofa or on couch then you must wash the covers in the hot water, the water must be as hot as it is bearable by the fabric of the covers. Anti-allergen detergents are available in the market and they are easily available.

pet dander removal

Step 3: As cat dander is very sticky so it is not that much easy to remove from the furniture. If the furniture is washable then go for a wash with a pressure of water. If you are thinking about vacuuming then it’s not a good idea as dander is sticky.

remove pet dander

Step 4: Instead of covering your floor with the carpet try to keep the floor naked or can have a tiled floor because dander get stick with the surface of carpet and it might not be removed properly even after a wash.

cat dander removal

Step 5: Dander can be on the walls of your house, for this paint the walls with good quality paint but after scrubbing it.

removing cat dander from home

Step 6: The dander of cat can be in your heating and AC ducts. For cleaning those areas call some professionals cleaners so that the cleaning process of these sensitive areas is done with a great care without any problem.

removing pet dander

Step 7: You can use HEPA filters to remove dander from the AC and heating ducts and set up a portable unit in your bedroom.

removing pet dander from house


Dander can linger for months so it’s better to clean the house after few days. The best thing is to not to forget the basic reason of the problem which is your cat so you must make it sure that you give bath to the cat regularly or after few days at least 3 time a week. This will reduce the chances of dander at your place. Regularly giving bath to the cats helps control dander and it also prevents it from becoming airborne.

removing pet dander from house

These were some steps if followed properly can help you get rid of the cat dander from your life.

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