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how to feed a puppy

How To Feed A Puppy, The Best Technique Used By This Guy

If your dog does not like to eat then there are many ways through which you can feed your dog with a healthy and nutritious food. For instance try cooking yummy food at home or add various flavors to the homemade healthy food. If after all this effort, your dog still doesn’t like to eat healthy food then try the method that was tried by this man in the video to know how to feed a puppy.

All you need to do is not to let your dog eat anything for a long-time. Next you need to sit in front of your dog and start eating that healthy food so your dog might feel that you are eating something really delicious. During eating, you just need to make your face as if you are eating yummy chocolate brownies. Just take one bite and look at your dog as if you are having the time of your life.

Take the next bite in your mouth and then suddenly spit it out-directly towards your dog’s mouth. You will be amazed to see that your dog will capture that bite in an instant. This idea is a guaranteed success and by trying this idea you are never going to have to make a lot of effort. So the next time, if your dog is not eating anything healthy, just try this idea and provide your dog with healthy diet.

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